How Old Is Historic?

I know I’m going to regret asking this… but old does something have to be in order to be considered “Historic”?

I’m willing to bet this varies by item and country.
In some places, a house thats 100 years old is probably “historic”. In the UK its just a house, for example.

But something could be relevant for historical reasons inside of 100 years too I think. It depends on what it is I think, and how well the nomination makes a case for it


“famous or important in history, or potentially so.”

so it isn’t necessarily about the age, it is about the impact or significance


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In all seriousness, in the case of “Historic plaques”, I would think even a new plaque that is marking something important would fit this definition. For example, a time capsule plaque.


I 100% agree with this.

I asked because I came across a review where someone called a building from 1982 historic. It made me feel old… lol


Like the others have said, it’s all relative. My hometown wasn’t settled until 1914, so some of the buildings there that are officially registered as historic landmarks are from the 1940’s, which when compared to where I live now is almost absurd. If something holds significance to the local community (or the wider world) I would think it might have an argument to be historic. Even something in recent history could be argued to be of historic significance if there’s an important or widespread event or impact related to it. Surely there are monuments, plaques, memorial sites, etc. dedicated to people/events more recent than 50 years ago that qualify as historic. TL;DR there’s nuance to it, like everything :joy_cat:


Since George VI postboxes are ok and Elizabeth II postboxes are not the exact date is anything before 6th February 1952 is historic.


IMO history implies there is a story to be told, oldness is just aging. Something historic may occur today and that wouldn’t be considered old.


Historic ≠ old. The two probably shouldn’t be considered synonymous, even though it’s a mistake many do make without even realising it.

Lando Norris winning his first F1 race could be considered an historic occasion. It’s certainly one for the history books. It happened on Sunday.

Historical is more synonymous with old. How old is open to interpretation though.


History books in classroom are constantly updated with new versions that cover through the modern and immediately go out of date.

Might just ask “Is it something worth putting in a History Book” ((Though scale would be vastly different in a local history book vs state/province vs a country)). It is something that would at least get mentioned in an updated history book, then it’s historic.


While i agree that a random building from 1982 wouldn’t be historic, if it was the place where AIDS was identified in 1982, that would make it historic. (Just thinking of something that might have happened around that time - AIDS may have been identifed ina different year.)