How to appeal an edit (or know when my next appeal will be available)

I used up my two initial appeals for edits fairly early. Long enough ago that, well, I forgot how to appeal an edit.

When I get my next appeal credit, how will I know? Where an Appeal show up when I click on a rejected edit? Will I get a notification that I have more?

More importantly, is there a timer anywhere that shows when my next appeal will show up so I can stop having to search through my rejections to take a peek?

I glanced through the online help and community topics, but I did not find any screen caps or docs that would answer these questions. That does not mean there aren’t any; just that I could not find them. :->


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There are extensions that can help you track appeals better. By default, yes, the button will show up again when you have one available and are viewing a previously rejected but not previously appealed contribution.


As far as I am aware you get 2 appeals every 20 days. So after you use 1 another will be granted 20 days from that time. As for checking if you can appeal something, go to your contributions page and click on the rejected submission. On the top right the appeal button should be there if you have an available appeal.

Hope that helps.:+1:

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I knew the rate. I just couldn’t remember when I used them and so know when I would get the next ones.

As a result, I wasn’t sure if I was looking in the wrong space (the upper right corner), or if a new appeal hadn’t “spawned” yet.