Please let us appeal more again

Once the location to appeal was moved out of Community, I had to do several web searches until I found where to do the appeals. I do edits to update Wayspots. Since I went a time without knowing how to do appeals, I have accumulated quite a few that were rejected (not applied). If I could appeal most of those rejected edits with supporting evidence, I believe most would be accepted. For some people that make edits or nominations, I can see a limit still needing to be set if the majority of the appeals were rejected. I have no problem being placed in that category since I expect most of my appeals to be accepted.

Since this not about the forum but a wayfarer request I am moving it to general

Personally I’ve always thought that if your appeal is in your favour, you should immediately get a new appeal available. If it is rejected, then you still have to wait the usual length of time.

When the back log was over a year, I could understand them not doing this - but I really cannot see why they couldn’t implement this now… it might also help them see if any one submitter is being targeted with deliberate rejections by a community!


I maybe appeal once every few months, so it’s not an issue to me, but I know so many users with rejected edits that they’re waiting to appeal, since they do use their 2 appeals quite quickly, and then have to wait 20 days.

I think it would be a good idea if we could use an upgrade to gain an extra appeal, but put some limit on how many upgrades can be used for this. Just a thought…

Some gamers are non contributors, some are moderate contributors, and some are super contributors. Some started contributing last week, and some in 2017.

So we all have different sizes of rejection pools. Yet everyone gets the same number of appeals.

I’d rather see appeals tied to merit. Like, for every 10 accepts, you get +1 appeals. Even if you can only use 2-3 appeals per week.