How would geologic rock formations be viewed as submissions?

One thing I’ve been curious about lately is how nominations for exposures of particular rock formations would be reviewed on Wayfarer.

I’m a geology major, so I know that there’s a number of really neat rock formations out there which have exposures in certain areas which you can explore. I was wondering how these exposures would fare in Wayfarer if you took the time to explain the geology in the description and/or supporting info.

Something like Chevron Folds,

Or some clear stratigraphic layering

Or perhaps even old volcanic features like cooled lava flows

I’m tempted to find geologic formations like this to nominate, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone nominate rock outcrops like that. What do you guys think of it?

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The issue is finding “a spot” to anchor the POI. When i think of rocks i would approve, they are well known formations that serve as meeting spots or landmarks on trails. For me to approve, they’d need to be marked on a map of the trail.

Or at some place like Rock City in Tennessee. Those formations have names. (Most of them have signs.)

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So perhaps if you know what the rock formation is (something like the Wheeler Shale for instance), you could find a prominent outcrop of the formation and discuss the more interesting geologic attributes in the description and talk about the accessibility in the supporting info (The Wheeler Shale is known for having well-preserved trilobite fossils)? That could be pretty cool.

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Natural formations are usually not eligible. Not sure if there are any changes in the guidelines, but if there are like a plaque identifying the formation, you can nominate these instead.

This one looks easy to anchor


Sponsor a small info plaque about the geography for this one

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Another Geologist :hammer:
There are some great formations that I would love to take people to. In my totally bias view these natural wonders are every bit as beautiful as murals. And we seem to have moved away from the man made requirement but we do need a clear anchor point.
The famous places probably have signs - I despise signfarer but it is what it is. Additional some of the good examples probably have questionable safety - hard hats required.
So I think at best it’s a long shot but nothing ventured nothing gained.


I agree, and I know nothing about rocks

I would much prefer to see more natural features in Wayfarer

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Natural features used to be a rejection criteria but not any more. Some should be eligible but I think cooled lava is temporary or dangerous depending on the conditions.

How is cooled lava temporary? Its rock! :laughing:

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If you manage to get any accepted update me on how you managed it and maybe the best way to frame something like this, please.

Every time I pass by I go to submit it and think it’s just a rock to reviewers…

Agassiz’s Rock

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If its meets criteria and no rejection criteria, why not? Here is a local example that i could submit, 2 billion years of mountain range formations and continents colliding, and then “recently” folded and exposed.

The tricky part: Where to place the pin? A trail passes over it in two places, one goes to the top


Can’t you find a bench as anchor? :sweat_smile:

These things shouldnt need anchors, they are distinct enough


It would naturally be the bedding for new life, or it’s too dangerous to be around if it’s still hot

I’m sorry :pensive:

Quite right too.

Go find a bench to sit on while you reconsider the gravity of the situation!


That would have been so good.
It sounds as though that is a challenge to get it in ……… gauntlet being thrown down :thinking:


It’s not that exciting to look at… It’s a rock.

Maybe that’s a picnic area :upside_down_face:

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If only the sign was still there . Sigh