How would you feel about additional Wayspot photos with “Polling Station” signs in?

For context, in the UK, we have a General Election next month.

Our polling stations will be at churches, village halls and various locations that could be Wayspots already.

Would you think an additional photo with the “polling station” signage visible would be appropriate? I was thinking some may get added in July.

I would be pretty liberal if that came up for review. It does seem like a lot of labour just to reform a few already adequate picture… Missed something :thinking:

For any specific reason or just for fun?

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I was thinking that someone might think the old photo of a village hall with a bin right in your face could be better so may look to add a new photo, and of course you’re all taking your “I voted” selfies outside of the polling station so you’ll already have your camera app open. :selfie:

I wouldn’t see it as inappropriate personally.

I think for new nominations it could be useful in that it shows the place being nominated has more than one use (a local player told me that he had a village hall rejected and was considering trying again when the polling station sign was out).

Be careful though that it doesn’t look like you are trying to influence people or abuse the system if somewhere even remotely looks like an under 18’s venue (I had a warning email after I had the local guide hut accepted - in my nomination I had made it clear that it is used by other groups more than the guides, adults usually but someone must have reported it anyway - from Ingress as wasn’t in PoGo- and that additional info I provided in the nomination clearly wasn’t included in their review.

The fact that it’s a voting station is neither here nor there. It’s not a political stance it’s simply a fact. Obviously it’s not a way to justify a school being a wayspot.:roll_eyes:

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You’re talking about adding a picture to an existing Wayspot. Kind of like adding a photo taken at Christmas - with a Santa hat on the statue, or wreath on the door. Or when it was painted pink for something Cancer Awareness week (then washed off). Temporary states of a permanent thing.

I think all that makes the Wayspot more interesting! I love to scroll thru the pictures. It’s like the place has a scrapbook, lol.


I totally agree, I think seeing photos of Wayspots at different times is really cool. It doesn’t seem too different from the lights display changing on the Empire State Building for different holidays or world events, for example. It gives a sort of vibrancy to the photos.


Or in different seasons. :hibiscus: :deciduous_tree: :fallen_leaf: :cloud_with_snow:


I don’t see a problem with it, of course people may be coming and going and there may be cars parked around it. There may also be tellers sitting outside for a general election.