I can’t submit review only on mobile

When I try to submit a review on my phone, I just can’t. It appear:

Only on my phone, I can review normally on my computer.

It is working fine on Safari but not on Chrome

Not accurate. Just got the error on Safari as well

It looks to me like it could be logging you out because you keep changing browsers, which is expected behavior. Go to https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/ on whatever device you are experiencing the issue on and see if that takes you to the login page. You cannot be logged in on multiple browsers or devices at the same time.

It happens when I log in, I know abou the log out when switching browsers, but it is not the case

So does it think you are logged out upon going to the main page I linked above?

The links redirects to the homepage, not login page.

The error appears randomly on reviewing, not for each review. Some I can submit, some not

How is the amount of open windows?
Or do you have another online game open, in the cases you can’t submit?

Often, when I came after review back to pogo, I have to restart pogo, because the half graphic is missing or looks odd.
Perhaps you have the same but resulting in wayfarer issues :woman_shrugging:

Yes, I’m just checking if it keeps logging you out. If it was you would see the login page instead. It definitely happens to me occasionally but not as frequently as you describe. Where are you reviewing (roughly, country is fine if you are comfortable saying) and do you have your other locations (home, bonus) set?

This looks like a device issue and not an issue with Wayfarer. Having said that, we are going to look into it. Could you please share the device details?


I am using iPhone 15 Pro running iOS 17.1.4

I am reviewing submissions across Brazil (Both locations: Manaus, AM) – just once appeared one from Paraguay

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I get this sometimes too but if I refresh the page it gets me back to the review (just with everything reset). I review purely on chrome on my mobile - I dont use a laptop etc

Yes, it fixes the current review but happens again within the next ones

Yeah, infrequently for me but it is annoying when it happens.

I just got the error on my computer… So, I could check for errors on the browser console. Seems like there is an issue with Google Maps API and also some code issues