I keep getting reviews I can't read

I keep getting reviews that are in French and it’s annoying because I can’t read them. Is there any way to fix this? (Other than learning French, that is)

I don’t believe so. I officially get French reviews and being a typically arrogant, monoglot Brit I usually need to translate the support.

They are 1 in every 100 or so though so it’s not too problematic.

I review in Chrome and have a google extension installed that will translate the page for me. Was given this tip on the Wayfarer Discussion Discord.

So you can click, the link in that screen snip is: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb


Give yourself credit. You speak Scottish and English.


I don’t.

I speak what they’d now call SSE, Scottish Standard English. Scots is it’s own separate language with it’s roots in West Germanic in the same way English, German or Dutch are too but distinct enough to be separate from each other.



Agree with using either a browser extension for translation, or Chrome does has Google Translate built in. I get reviews in Spanish and French from time to time, mainly from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and French Canada, but I don’t speak either language. A translator in your web browser allows me to know what was submitted, but in my language.

Also, if you don’t care to get many foreign langange reviews, it’s recommended to turn off Wayfarer Challenge in Wayfarer settings. Wayfarer Challenges can come from various different parts of the world (last was focused on east Asian countries), and you’ll have to translate the majority of the nominations from global challenges.

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This is how review areas work. Use translation tools and ask eg. on here if you are not sure.

As the others have said, use a translator. You will eventually pick up some basics of the language and phrases like “playground” and “cultural center”, which will make it easier.