I like the idea of reviewing nuanced nominations

As Wayfarer goes through changes, so should our habits and procedures. Nothing stays the same forever and that’s a good thing. As eMiLy gets smarter and filters out the obvious coal and the slam dunks.

That’s going to give us reviewers and explorers a chance to see more of the nuanced nominations. The one where we need to pay attention to the story the submitter is trying to tell us with their two pictures and their words.

I see it as a challenge to review these and it gets me excited. I’m hoping some of my fellow explorers see it this way also and not just “no more easy agreements”.

I have an ask, can we all please take the time the individual nomination deserves? In my opinion, most nominators really work hard with their nominations.


Haven’t you heard that upgrades are worthless now, trailmarkers are dead and Emily hates postboxes.

There’s only interesting things left in the review stream.

I always try my best. But that’s also why I like reading on the different forums (official and unofficial). And I consume podcasts and YouTube’s on the various topics.

Additionally I really enjoy the crowd sourced aspect of Wayfarer. It forces me to explore, do some photography, and some truthful but persuasive writing on my end. That helps with those tricky reviews since I feel like we’ve all been there with a nomination we think is fun/interesting/cool but we are unsure if others will.

So long story short — I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and jump into the harder nominations.


I always take my time when reviewing, unless it is coal, which has been most of what I’ve been getting to review. Emily isn’t doing the best job yet rejecting coal, so she’s still learning, and I swear the first 5-10 reviews I get are coal or duplicates.

I also don’t nominate much, as I look for quality places that have a high percentage of being approved, and those are harder to find in my area, or they get nominated by another Wayfarer before I can get to it. I’ve got over 50 upgrades right now, most from global challenges, and I don’t think I’ll find 50 good nominations to upgrade anytime soon.

After getting through the coal, then I’ll get the harder ones to review, and I do take my time. I will open up the full Google Maps, as what Wayfarer has is somewhat limited. I will do a web search for the place if I’m having issues finding it on Google Maps. If the main and supporting images are the same, I’ll do an image search to make sure it is what it is, but also to see if it’s 3rd party.

A good example of this is a nomination I had last night for a new lemur exhibit at a zoo. Now, each exhibit at the zoo isn’t listed on Google Maps, but the zoo’s website does have an updated map. I compared the other Wayspots for the zoo to their map, and the location chosen for the lemur exhibit matched up with the zoo map and where the other exhibit Wayspots currently are.

Yes, it would be nice if all reviewers took the time to do a thorough review, but some just want to get upgrades, so they speed through them.

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I never had a problem with Emily when it comes to Trailmarkers all of mine either gets instantly accepeted or accepted by the community never had a trailmarker get rejected. I’ve submitted like 25 in total now.

I love nuance (humanities person here), but I think most people have more appreciation for nuance in contexts where it’s safe to fail, in general. I have been trying to think about the reduction of “easy agreements” from the point of view of a newcomer, or someone who may be the only Wayfarer in their community. Wayfarer has a steep learning curve that I personally think the new review flow has improved (I know that’s a hot take), but there are consequences for getting it wrong. A drop in your reviewer rating can be really discouraging, and all the fear surrounding the possibility of punishment floating around in the wider community doesn’t help assure anyone that a rating drop doesn’t mean that you’ll get a warning or a ban. Finding the forums for assistance can be challenging for people as well, as we’ve talked about before. I guess I don’t think of reviewing in Wayfarer as an activity where you can learn because it’s a “safe place to fail.” I don’t have hard data to back this up, but I would assume most people learn because they have to push through for the upgrades.

A drop in rating is, or should be, the “warning” that helps you learn and correct which would be akin to getting some feedback on an assignment where you missed the mark a bit. But if you don’t get true guidance, AND that assignment is tied to your final grade, most people would feel some anxiety that will discourage them from trying to really engage with that nuance. Feeling anxious about an activity can be productive for the right neurotic person (i.e., me), but just makes most people feel confused, nervous, and less likely to participate in the future.

For the record, I love Wayfarer in case that’s not obvious. I just wish there was more clarity in general so casual reviewers could have more fun with nuance in reviewing. We tend to like the gray-area reviews here, but we’re kind of preaching to the choir here too.

I like the easy agreements because not everyone is tired of upgrades! Can I have yours if you don’t want them?? :laughing: