Incorrect Wayspot Appeal Decision in Đăk Lăk

  • Wayspot Title: Nhà sách giáo dục
  • Location (lat/lon): 12.687051, 108.053468
  • City: Buôn Ma Thuột
  • Country: Đăk Lăk Province, Việt Nam
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email : None
  • Additional Information:
    This is a nomination that the entire community in Vietnam rejected and stated the reason clearly at the time of review.
    The person reviewing the appeal did not carefully consider the reason for the refusal and accepted it incorrectly.
    This is a bookstore, a place to do business and sell books and stationery. It is not an interesting place because in every province or region of Vietnam there is a bookstore to sell and do business. . This is not a library where people come to rest, read and have fun, but a place to buy and sell books.
    1 location is not reasonable:

Please consider and delete this nomination like the bank’s nominations in this area because it is invalid


It’s this area again, creating nonsense and unreasonable suggestions all day long. Done took advantage of Niantic employees’ loopholes in Appealing and appealing unreasonable nominations


This article is correct, it’s just a business location, it’s not valid. Bookstores that stand reading books without buying will be chased away by staff


Looks like the same culprit:

  • Create ridiculous and ridiculous nominations that get rejected and finally ask Niantic staff to review the appeal and get unreasonable approval
  • This area creates a lot of false and unreasonable nominations from alum cafes, bookstores, banks, I even see nominations being created for state agencies where not everyone can enter,… What do these nominations mean and what are their reasonable characteristics?
    Let’s consider and solve them like the linked article about Banking.
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@FeuNoir59 It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted through in-game. At this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

I added Mail Rejection.
The reason I chose this place is not public. This is a business location that is available in every province

  • Not for gamers to gather (a place that sells books, not a library but has a place to stop)
  • Not a place to exercise
  • Not a place to explore
    => This is a state-run business location in each locality to sell books, tools and office supplies, not a public library. Please reconsider @NianticLC

I sent a message to the bookstore’s fanpage." If I haven’t chosen a book or don’t buy a book, can I still approach the bookstore?
Does the bookstore allow people to come and play games right in the bookstore?
Is there an area where people can socialize?” and they answered me:

This is bookstore’s fanpage Redirecting...

fully meets the criteria to become a wayspot

Any location can have this property. But bookstores and libraries are two separate focal points. A bookstore is a place of business, in form it has no meaning about all the elements in the locality (including history, culture, or a story to tell about it,…)
A nomination must have all the worthy criteria, not just like and create, it’s like you don’t understand the game’s criteria.
and I see you have spammed too many posts but never brought a proper criterion or explanation to prove that nomination is worthy? Can you do this or are you planning on disturbing this post?

Please decide @NianticLC and close it

We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time. Thank you!

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asked @NianticLC to check again on this issue