Incorrect Wayspot Appeal Decision in Viet Nam

  • Wayspot Title: Public administrative service center
  • Location (lat/lon): 12.685468, 108.052412
  • City: Buôn Ma Thuột
  • Country: Đăk Lăk, Viet Nam
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email *: None
  • Additional Information:
    This is a state agency, this nomination was rejected because it was invalid, the location was inaccessible.
    The creator intentionally wrote in English to win a successful appeal because the Vietnamese name translated had the word “Public” and Niantic let it pass???
    The actual name of this nomination is " Trung Tâm Phục Vụ Hành Chính Công" and is translated by Google Translate as “Public Administration Service Center”. Two different names:
    By the way, I will quote the definition of what this place is:
    Public Administration Center or Public Administration Service Center is the unit that performs the function of the Provincial One-Stop Department, performing the tasks and powers of guiding, receiving, resolving or transferring dossiers for settlement and payment. results of handling administrative procedures, monitoring, supervising and evaluating the handling of administrative procedures for organizations and individuals.
    The link from this article is standard:
    This is not a public location but a government workplace. Standing in front of these locations will be chased away by security or police.

    Please remove or consider as this is a nomination we have rejected because it does not meet any of the criteria:
  • Not a public place
  • Not a place to exercise
  • Not a place to explore
    Even when rejecting, we clearly state the reason why it is invalid. Let’s review the appeals process.

This is really wrong, this place is like a police station, military area, command post,… all places that are inaccessible and open to the public, the very definition of this place is not a reasonable place.

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It seems there are two issues in your area. The first is that there are many POIs being submitted and accepted that obviously don’t meet the eligibility criteria. The second, which is a wider spread issue, is that once a POI is in the lightship database it’s therefor good unless it explicitly meets one of the removal criteria. That makes it so that the database is overrun with terrible ineligible POIs, that in turn, encourage people to submit more terrible ineligible POIs, many of which sneak their way in. Honestly, Niantic really needs to consider starting to remove things that are egregiously in eligible, even if they don’t meet one of the current removal criteria.


Taking advantage of appeals to pass nominations like this only makes players increasingly abusive and abusive. They will not care about the rules created by Niantic and start creating false nominations such as hospitals, fire stations or police stations and all appeals will be accepted.
Did Niantic staff really seriously look into the reason for the rejection of the nomination? Is it acceptable to just appeal with a few lines stating: “A public place frequented by many people?”
Please stop accepting unreasonable appeals, Wayfayer is now becoming too chaotic.
And finally, the above nomination is wrong, this place in Vietnam is not a public place, the creator intentionally wrote the nomination with the word Public to make it easier to appeal. Please review and punish the person who created this false nomination.

Hi @FeuNoir59! It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted through in-game. At this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

I added Mail Rejection.
The reason I chose this place is not public. Not accessible to everyone

  • Not for players to gather
  • Not a place to exercise
  • Not a place to explore
    => This is a high-level state agency, it is not valid. Please reconsider @NianticLC

As you explained, this place is a place that allows all Vietnamese citizens to come, this place serves all Vietnamese citizens.

The image below shows a person resting right in front of the building and they look very comfortable, and there was someone riding out on a motorbike and he was definitely a civilian.
I consider this nomination completely reasonable, meeting the criteria to become a wayspot @NianticLC

An inaccessible location is one that does not match the nature and theory of the game. But with the sidewalk frontage, no one can park or walk. The road area is built by the government for people to walk, only going into that area is not a good idea! But the location is like K12, hospital, … but the previous place can park and walk, why don’t you compare? Giving unrealistic views is not convincing enough


Perhaps you are misunderstanding the issue about creating nominations:

  • Firstly, the nominations created must be places that are worthy of history, culture, public and are special and characteristic of that area.
  • Second, your nomination posts are invalid because the nature of the nomination does not meet Wayfayer’s criteria, so it will be rejected. When it is rejected in Vietnam, why don’t you ask your own community if it is reasonable? While here, most people do not have the same opinion.
  • Third: The accessibility issue here is a place where people can enter and exit comfortably and it is public, gathering many people in large numbers. This location is an area of ​​​​a state agency, would it be reasonable if a community of 50 to 60 people gathered here just to play games???
  • Fourth, the road frontage is what the government makes for people to have lanes for, this is always true for all objects, not a point for you to say is accessible to players, it is not adequate. An inaccessible location is definitely a location without a walkway, and the reporter means a non-public location.
    You should consider and understand the Wayfayer criteria before making controversial comments

What does this nomination mean in practical terms? A historical place? Is it a cultural place or a place worth exploring? There is no reasonable reason to consider it, and what evidence do you have to prove this place is accessible to all Vietnamese people?
Please explain these things, otherwise this nomination deserves to be destroyed

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it fits the criteria, don’t be too strict

What state agencies are worth exploring?
Provide evidence rather than relying on game criteria and choosing randomly without knowledge

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It’s wrong and I’m helping the author defend their position. If it’s not wrong, give a reasonable explanation with evidence, not empty words without knowledge.

It is just like other Committees, and the committee in the Vietnamese community has accepted it. Don’t be too selfish and stubborn

The People’s Committee is different from this location, don’t compare. By definition, both locations have their own functions. Don’t speculate if you don’t really understand the nomination you created

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I don’t want to argue, let Niantic decide @NianticLC

Besides being a place to work on paperwork for people, the People’s Committee is also a place to create a playground and a place for community activities. Many local articles and articles talk about this place where they live.
The nomination you gave is just a state office, it’s nothing special and not even a place where many people gather.
The two criteria are too misleading