International Museum Day - Share Wayspots of/in/about Museums

My handy dandy Futurama 2024 calendar tells me that tomorrow (18th May) is International Museum Day.

If you were not around on the previous forums, members would occasionally make threads for special days such as International Talk Like A Pirate Day, International Women’s Day and the like.

As museums make great Wayspots and there can be a lot of eligible things inside museums too, I wanted to start off this thread.

That’s one I could find at a quick glance that I did. The museum it’s next to has been on the Niantic Map for years before I started OPR/Wayfarer but I got to do the sign by it. They move a lot of things around often in this museum so nothing submitted inside of it (at least not by me).

Looking forward to seeing others.


I don’t have anything personally added so I’ll throw this in. :slight_smile:

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Here is my biggest project by far in my Wayfarer history, at the Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics. At the beggining there were just 4 wayspots, nowadays there are 73 :slight_smile:


Well, this is depressing. When i searched for museum in my contribution list, i only got 1. Ok, so hear me out. This is in a mall. Malls are great places to play when the weather is bad. This oarticular mall has a done a fantastic job trying to make itself a hub for people to hang out and spend time.

This is the Selfie Museum. It’s actually a business, but at the time i nominated it (maybe still), there were only 4 in the whole country. It definitely meets the socialize critieria. You’re supposed to go here with friends and take goofy photos using their props and backgrounds, like a giant version of a photo booth.

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The Early Industrial Revolution, Styal

Entrance to the visitors centre at the National Trust’s Quarry Bank Mill.
This is a large cotton mill complex dating from 1784. As well as the industrial aspects housing, churches, and and a school were built to improve the lives of those that worked there - the alternative conditions were not good. You walk around the mill seeing different parts of the story of its development the use of water to provide power and the development of dyes and printing. The noisiest part is the large floor where the spinning of the yarn takes place. The spindles feature on the design of this entrance artwork.
And then you can go for a walk in the woods - lots of trails.


I was wracking my brain to figure out what the Farly Industrial Revolution was…

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It was a tricky one to photograph, and my first submission was rejected, with amongst other things a report that it was fake :upside_down_face:

Amazingly similar to Robert Owen’s New Lanark dream of a utopian socialism at I think almost exactly the same time.

Yes indeed. It was a new approach. The 2 have a lot in common.
There was similar mill further down the Clyde at Blantyre - a large Mill complex and associated village where David Livingstone I presume was born and worked. :sunglasses:

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