New Forum: Favorite Wayspots!

Welcome to the new Wayfarer forums! Let’s start on a fun note, sharing some favorite wayspots. Please post one of your favorite wayspots, either one that you’ve found while exploring, or one of that you submitted that you want to share!
Here is one of mine. I was following local mural artists on instagram when I found out about this mural in a local restaurant showing dozens of chickens and a storm trooper in the mix! I named it “Chicken Troopers” since the artist himself did not give it an official name


Here’s a recent favorite

It looks so interesting from different angles, too, that I have added a lot of photos already =)

The town consulted with local high school art classes to ask what teens would want in a new park.


I’m incredibly happy with this recent waypoint, partly because I helped clear this footpath as part of the volunteer crew before it opened and partly because it’s one of the best photos I’ve taken of a mundane object.

The trail balances the pylon! The slight tilt away give the waymarker an imposing air, contrasting with the cloudy sunshine! Did not do nearly so well with the other markers to capture both the subject and sense of place.




In all seriousness…

Accidentally stumbled upon this after taking a shortcut home. Found out what it was. Read the stupidly British bit if history that went with it. Knew I had to add it just to get that in.


I have too many this year already. Here is an absolute screamer as this statue of Jan Van Nassau was not a wayspot yet despite being in one of the busiest places of Utrecht, Netherlands!
Submitted it on my quick trip through the country and attending Mission Day Holten.


Everything else i nominate is trail markers and information signs. The first one is a game where you stack wood in order on top of each other and the second one is where prisoners would get thrown over that wall into a river if they smelt too bad or were behaving too bad for the prison. It is now apart of a museum. Also behind this wall was a housing area that was one of the worst slumbs in europe from the early 1800s - 1930s


Found this awesome mural in Medicine Hat, Alberta while visiting!
“Pikachu Mural”

Had to take a photo of the actual wayspot to send out!

The interesting part was coming across the same wayspot in reviewing nominations a couple months later. It was in ingress, but not in pokemon go. The submitter indicated they had painted it and said they would love to see it in the game due to the actual characters.

My favourite wayspot nomination I have done by far is this mural in Victoria, BC -
“Sailor Moon and Luna”

I was a huge fan and just love how the mural brightens the trail up.


This amazing mural in Twickenham

Unfortunately whoever added it placed the pin on the pavement and the same cell as the pub over the road and not it’s correct position here.

I haven’t seen a single Ingress players in the area for at least a year though. If I find one I’ll ask them to submit a location edit.


You can submit location edits via the niantic wayfarer app. They go through the review process the same way and get voted on. I have tried this and I have one pending and/or denied. But the other was approved.

The only thing is, you don’t get an email on it and cannot appeal it. However, if it is very obvious it will get approved. I would attempt that.

The other neat thing about this is being able to do location edits >10m.

I stumbled upon this statue (and Jesus cross) back in August 2014 when I was taking a detour bike ride home from work and submitted both of them. It took over 5 months for the portal to go live in January 2015.

The statue, the goddess Diana, was put there in 1928 to help with good fortune for the hunting area for the family that owned the land. The cross was later added in 1946 for being grateful that the family survived the Second World War.


Out of so many I’ve had approved, these are just some of my most postcard-worthy favourites.


@26thDoctor @TheOneXanthippe you can use help chat to submit a location correction edit that you can’t submit in game.

Under 10m?

yes if you can’t submit it in game you can submit it there even if it is less


Thank you.

I love that you have detailed descriptions. I know some people want short and sweet, but some facts and history are very interesting to me and others.
“it’s a [insert object name]” seems to come up a lot. Much easier to see importance with details. Plus when out playing pokemon with my kids I will use that to explain the history or story behind something. They often just spin or battle and overlook that stuff!


One of the great things about Wayfaring and games like PoGo and Ingress is that they get you out exploring, sometimes finding things that are almost on your doorstep that you had no idea about.

This viewpoint stands on top of the Greensand Ridge, you can see the entirety of my local area. I had no idea that it was there, I was just hunting for wayspots and kept climbing up the hill… there was good light and some dramatic clouds scudding about, and most importantly from the point of view of a wayspot, a sign. Got a photosphere too…

I must say that Wayfaring is one of my favourite things to do. It’s a great way to show people things that they might not know about, on that particular day I found 16 new wayspots… now I just have to go back and visit them.


These are great!! Truly unique wayspots. I’d love to see the descriptions you included on the nominations too!

I absolutely agree here! For wayspots that have interesting history and backstory, I love to do some extra research and fill them out! My longest ever time spent doing a nomination was this one. I had to contact a city official to get the story:

Here are some others with descriptions I researched: