Invalid Record error

Had this error today as I went in to edit a submission I made yesterday with a better description. Invalid Record.

When I chose to edit it, its status was in the queue. In the couple of minutes between starting the edit and clicking done, it seems its status had changed to accepted. So it explains why an edit didn’t work.

I’m guessing this doesn’t happen often but reporting it in case developers want to add a status check on submission and show a more meaningful error in future. Took me a few retries and refresh of main list before I realised what had happened.


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First, your username is epic.

Second, this happened to me the other day. I realized the description on one of my nominations was “askhfhg” so I went to edit it and it went into voting between when I clicked the edit button and when I clicked the submit button.

I’d love to see the system put a temporary hold on nominations changing status while they’re actively being edited.

The AI/ML is now auto-accepting nominations before they even go into the queue for community voting, and these decisions can be pretty quick, usually within 24 hours of submission. Because of this, it’s now best to edit submissions within this timeframe.

Have you received an email confirming your submission has been accepted, and does it say “our team” accepted it? This would mean it was auto-accepted by the AI/ML.

If you could share title and coordinates of the stuck one that could potentially be helpful for said developers :slight_smile: