Bugged nomination?

  • Description of the issue

    I have a nomination that was submitted on 5/6. It appears to be stuck halfway between being in my queue and in voting. It says it’s still in my queue, but there is no Hold button, and I can still edit it, but the edits are not saved.

  • Date first (or most recently) experienced

    I noticed it this morning 5/20.

Not sure what to do about this. Any help would be appreciated.

It should be fixed now. Could you please confirm?

It is fixed. Thank you!

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I have three like this too - that is, no hold button, apparently unable to edit:
User: Tomwe

  • OS Benchmark - Trowbridge Rd Nr. Old Foundry
    Sub date: 08-05-24
  • OS Benchmark - Kingston Road, BoA
    Sub date: 10-05-24
  • OS Benchmark - Woolley St. & Mill Ln. Wall Pier, BoA
    Sub date: 11-05-24
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These should be fixed as well.

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Thanks very much.

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