Invalid Portal Removal

Wayspot Title: Grafite do Pac man
Location : -27.443791,-48.421945
City: Florianópolis
Country: Brazil
Additional Information (if any): Portal wrongly removed. It is there and it is valid

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Portal exists and is in the street view.


Based on the Wayfarer community guidelines, the portal “Grafite do Pac Man” appears to meet the criteria for a valid portal. The graffiti is still present, publicly accessible, and is a significant point of interest for the local community. It should not have been removed. I kindly request that you review this removal and consider reinstating the portal


Existing portal. Opposing players are reporting existing portals illegally as a form of retaliation. This portal exists and should not have been excluded by Wayfarer.


in the most basic level, this never had to become accepted: The photo has a watermark… the image object of the propossal it’s very small, bad quality. So, Removal was right, and I’m very very very very sure that the appeal has to be rejected.


They are using this photo to try to show the object is still there, this is not the wayspot photo.


I’ll accept the point of the watermark issue, but any case I stands in: Bad quality photo

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This is not a mural. It’s a graffiti and more likely to be considered vandalism. I would have removed it too if it were upto me.

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Hello everyone,

I appreciate the feedback and would like to address the concerns raised regarding the appeal for the portal “Grafite do Pac Man.”

  1. Photo Quality and Watermark: While it is true that the photo submitted for the appeal has a watermark and may not be of the highest quality, this was intended to show that the graffiti is still present and accessible. The original Waypoint photo, which was of acceptable quality and did not contain a watermark, accurately depicted the location and object of interest. The purpose of the current photo was solely to verify the existence of the graffiti as of the most recent date.

  2. Distinction Between Graffiti and Mural: Although the artwork in question is a graffiti, it holds significant cultural and artistic value for the local community. The guidelines encourage the inclusion of public artworks, and this piece, known as “Grafite do Pac Man,” is recognized and appreciated by many in the area. Labeling it as vandalism overlooks its artistic and cultural contribution.

  3. Wayfarer Guidelines Compliance: The portal meets the Wayfarer guidelines as it is:

  • Publicly Accessible: Located in a public area where it can be safely and legally accessed.
  • Culturally Significant: Acts as a notable piece of street art, enriching the community’s cultural environment.
  • Safe and Legal: Does not pose any safety risks to players and is not on private property that restricts access.

Given these points, I believe that the removal of the portal was not justified. I kindly request a thorough review of this appeal to consider reinstating the “Grafite do Pac Man” portal, which holds value for the Ingress community in Florianópolis.

Thank you for your attention and reconsideration.

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I believe it is a valid portal, we have several models like this spread across Brazil


Thanks for the appeal, @hdjetdl3. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspot.


It looks like a temporary/seasonal feature. If it were on the side of a building I think it would be OK, but on a telephone pole? That’s too unofficial, and I’d reject it for that reason.

Some street art and graffiti is acceptable, like when cities do beautification projects. Initially the community was more lax on art like like this submission, but I agree the feature doesn’t meet current standards.

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