Invalid Wayspot Appeal:Portals in Nishinomiya Central Sports Park [西宮, 兵庫県]

  • Wayspot Title: 西宮市陸上競技場, 二人で考えよ, アーチ
  • Location (lat/lon):

The construction will be completed in 2029, and at that time all these porals will be removed and completely new. That’s why I applied to delete the portals.

By the way, we can still access another 4 portals in the park (西宮市中央運動公園, 西宮市立中央体育館, 西宮スポーツセンター, 波).
Thank you.

Reference -
Nishinomiya City Hall’s website about the redevelopment project

A local web media reports about the construction started

Fences installed around the park

in Japanese:
ちなみに、運動公園内のほかの4つのポータルにはまだアクセスできます (西宮市中央運動公園, 西宮市立中央体育館, 西宮スポーツセンター, 波)。

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Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspots in question.