Invalid Wayspot Appeal - Rotsey Bench

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

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I think you’ll get faster results if you use this form, linked above under “Wayspot Removals.”

Though the form says it is for property owners, Niantic staff confirmed on the previous forum that everyone is allowed to use it. My own experience using it has been that POI are acted on within hours of reporting them while reports here on the forum may linger for weeks or months. Be sure to provide solid evidence and logic. Typically, that means providing a geotagged photo taken at the location of the POI.

The form will ask for the address of the wayspot, you can provide the closest address possible, since not all wayspots have street addresses. There is a separate question for the exact gps coordinates. Tell it that you are not the owner of the property. For your title, feel free to write something like “Responsible Wayfarer.” They should update the form but its not high on their priority list to do so since it works the way it is.

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I thought the process was to remove invalid portals via appeal? The same way we would do permanently removed reports.
To be honest, this is a memorial bench and it was not permanently removed, since it is still a memorial bench. But after the comment from Niantic on another thread, I have done this with two wayspots in the same cell. Since the plaques have “changed”. The other one is also sitting in wayspot appeals. Although, the new plaque on that bench is already approved as a wayspot, so whenever that original one goes then a new wayspot should appear in likely one game.
I understand using that report for wayspots I cannot be physically at, such as my question before about coming across portals on school property while doing reviews.

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You’re trying to remove this wayspot, correct?

Use provided link at the top of this page called “Wayspot Removals.”


OK. Sure. What is the Wayspot Appeal Category for then? If we do not use it for edits, is it for reinstating removed wayspots? I went to the category but didn’t see a pinned announcement.
On that page: If you believe a Portal is invalid or no longer exists, please use your scanner to report this location.
So then the layout on Wayspot Appeal takes you through appealing that.

I will submit this via the report form but not sure what the purpose of this thread is for then. :person_shrugging:

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Response from submitting via the link you suggested @seaprincesshnb

Niantic Support
May 04, 2024, 14:12 -0700

Thanks for taking the time to write in. In order to proceed with your request, you must be the Director of the Parks Department or property owner. If you haven’t already, please send one of the following items to ensure that we can process your request without any delays:

  • Attach a scanned copy of your business card.
  • Attach a letter written on official letterhead of the organization.
  • Submit the request using an email address from the organization’s domain.

We take extra verification steps to ensure that this request is on behalf of the Parks Department and appreciate you taking the time to provide us with these materials. If you are not the Director of the Parks Department or property owner, please have them submit a request.

Thank you!|

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Yep, just wait. Thats an automated response. They will get back to you with a real response after looking at your evidence. They know this needs to be fixed but have no priority to do so as long as they are uktimately addressing the issues.

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This was the response…

So is Niantic wrong?! It isn’t considered abuse to edit these wayspots?

Nianitc can choose to do whatever they want to do. Don’t worry about trying to anticipate how they are going to react to something.

Can you tell me how long it took between using the form and getting this report that Niantic had handled the situation? How many hours?

It took 8 hours

That sounds pretty effective to me!