Invalid Wayspot - Old Glory Statue

Title of the Wayspot: Old Glory Statue

Location: Ingress Intel Map / 34.184458,-118.338635

City: Burbank or Los Angeles

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:


Additional information:






Please remove the wayspot.

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Have you tried the removal form?

This link just says to report in game or gives a form for property owners.


Ingress players who have reached Level 10 can report an invalid Wayspot or inappropriate Wayspot content through the Ingress App. Property owners can also request modifications and removals via this webpage.

That page give you a link to the correct form to use for everyone when a POI is no longer there, is on school grounds, or is on PRP.

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It does not say that. It clearly says “property owners”

I know that, but Niantic has told us to use that form. I cant help that they refuse to update the wording on their forms.

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Well that is ridiculous to have it stated that way there then.

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That link is for property owners and about how to report invalid wayspots thru different games, so doesn’t apply for appeals.

Also, in this thread - About the Wayspot Appeals category - #6 - it says this:

“Nomination Appeals should take place within your Contribution Management page. If you’re looking to appeal to any type of Edit, you should go through Wayfarer Help Chat. Here you can appeal rejected invalid Wayspot reports or request that removed Wayspots be restored if they didn’t meet removal criteria. (nomination appeals not accepted)

I understand the bold HERE part as HERE on the forum and not THERE on Contribution Management page.

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This is a post @NianticAaron made on the old forum to prove that we can use the “Property Owner” form to report POI for removal.

Professor Glaw got this response and asked Aaron about it

Aaron responded with this

So if I report a wayspot as invalid and it is denied, I have to appeal thru that form instead of on the forum like we used to?

I use that form to report all Invalid wayspots. It begins an email conversation where you get a better response, IMO.

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As far as I know, all initial repots should be thru game app first.

Game reports rarely work because you dont have a way to prove your claim. You do have a way to provide evidence through the form.

They do work. Not as much as I would like to, but they do. And again, the instructions we have, or used to have, are to report thru game app and then appeal thru forum. Now, my understanding is that edits should be appealed thru Help section in Wayfarer from now on. But wayspots to be removed or reinstated are to be appealed here. Also, in another thread - Invalid wayspot report - you started discussing the appeal instead of directing the OP to Wayfarer page. It seems to me you are trying to confuse me and make me go against Niantic’s policies, or you are not very clear about the new guidelines, even though you are an ambassador. I appreciate your concerns and help, but considering that new instructions are not very clear, I guess all players just gonna have to test things out until Niantic makes things a bit more clear.

Clearly, SeaPrincess has nothing better to do than trying to purposefully trick you into not following Niantic guidelines instead of trying to suggest options to help you. You may want to re-read the screenshots she posted above.

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I guess having a link at the top of the forum page is “not very clear.”

We both read the same messages, but we understood them differently. I am in no rush. I’ve waited for years for Niantic to respond on reported wayspots. I can wait a bit longer until they clarify guidelines.

Also, these instructions, along with others, suggest that this section is designed for appealing rejections of invalid wayspots, among other things:

So again, appreciate the concerns and advices, but I’ll try my luck here until Niantic says otherwise

This is not my experience with this form. I posted a bizarre exchange on the old forum where I tried to use it, was told I had to be the property owner, and eventually was told that Niantic does not do removals by email. Are you saying that we can no longer post rejected removal reports on the forum and must do it this way?

I’m saying that this is a topic that came up in February 2024 and these are the instructions NianticAaron gave us. I have followed these instructions since then and not had trouble reporting through the form he told us to use.