Invalid Wayspot - Coral Reef Mural

Wayspot Title: Coral Reef Mural
Location: Ingress Intel Map / 34.07807,-118.475353
City: Los Angeles, CA
Country: USA
Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional Information:
Here’s the photo of the wayspot:

Searching for “#londonlovescorals” painted on it, I found the following info:

(the mural in question is in the middle of the page)

This mural was created in London. I was able to find it on Google Maps using the in info in one of the links (“in the back of the Rich Mix complex and viewable in Redchurch Street”) - Google Maps

The bottom of the wayspot photo matches the graffiti and the trellis in London on the map link:

The wayspot is located at the Getty Center - J. Paul Getty Museum - Wikipedia. I have no clue how this wayspot got approved there. Maybe someone moved it to LA from London by accident?

Please remove the wayspot. It’s gone in England, and definitely was nowhere near the Getty Center.

This is abuse. You could report it using the abuse form linked at the top of the forum. It might go faster that way.

Seriously, please stop harassing me. I will continue appealing rejections here until Niantic says it’s not the right place.

I believe “this is abuse” referred to the waystop, not your report :slightly_smiling_face:


yes that is indeed what she meant. @Itsutsume i assure you that you are not being harassed and i’m sorry that you feel that you are.

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Lord have mercy. Is this the same person who doesn’t want to use the other form? I don’t pay attention to names when I’m giving out legitimate, Niantic endorsed, advice on how to handle Wayfarer problems.

Indeed, the abuse refers to the very obviously fake wayspot this person found.


@MrHenni @tehstone I understand perfectly what @seaprincesshnb was talking about. We “know” each other from another thread where she kept pushing me to a form that I didn’t want to use because we understood Niantic’s instructions differently, and now in this thread she is pushing me to something else and again away from the forum. I just want to post appeals here and to wait for Niantic’s decisions. And if Niantic tells me to do something in a different way, I’ll do something in a different way. That’s all. As far as I am concerned, I am not breaking any rules, I follow Niantic’s posted instructions, and while I appreciate the advices, I prefer to do things here and not someplace else. And if she feels something needs to be escalated to Niantic, she is free to do so herself.

At the risk being accused of harrassing you, i am going to clarify (because that’s my role)…

The community has been told to use the forms that are linked above. You don’t need another personal invitation.


I think you’re taking it way too personally and mis-using language but whatever you want to do I guess.

In general, if a wayspot was created via abuse it’s more likely that the person responsible receives punishment when the form is used. wayspot abuse often isn’t clearcut, but in this case it is.

I’ll not say anything else on the topic.


I am not 100% sure whether it was abuse or not. I understand moving a wayspot a relatively short distance from where it should be, but I’ve never dealt with wayspots there are supposed to be on another continent. I leave it up to Niantic to decide what to do with whoever was involved in submitting/editing this wayspot. I am sure that if they decide it’s abuse, they will take appropriate measures even without me using the abuse form.

I think this is a good discussion about helping regular users like yourself identify abuse. You’ve done great detective work figuring out that this was never located in that spot. Something that only exists halfway around the world doesn’t accidentally get moved or submitted in the wrong spot. That is done by intentional action and that is absolutely abuse. No one should be afraid to report it as abuse. The consequences for that will absolutely be decided by Niantic.


And if it turns out not to be abuse, I will get yet another warning. I just want the wayspot removed. Feel free to report it as abuse and get credit.

No, no one one gets a warning for using the form that Niantic set up for all of us to use. Its not about credit. It’s about having it taken care of. Please read the announcement i linked that Tintino wrote.

Again, I really appreciate it. But after Niantic failed to remove a sign for an apartment building with clearly fake description and instead edited it (see before and after photos below)…

…and after I got a warning for either trying to edit information kiosks that don’t have any information as of yet (see below)…

…or for trying to remove this illegally placed graffiti made from a stencil (see below)…

…(or maybe both), please forgive my cynicism and lack of enthusiasm. Maybe if I had met you on the old forum, we would have become a great team. Nowadays I am just tired and don’t care too much.

Thanks for the appeal @Itsutsume After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

We want to extend our gratitude to @seaprincesshnb and other users who offered assistance and advice throughout this discussion.

We understand the frustrations expressed regarding previous experiences with Wayspot management. Rest assured, we are continuously working to improve our processes and address any concerns raised by our community members.

Regarding the discussion around the appropriate channels for reporting issues, we encourage users to utilize the abuse reporting form for expedited resolution of such matters. However, we also recognize the value of community engagement and appreciate the insights and discussions that take place on our forums. If you’re more comfortable posting them here, you’re welcome to do that as well.


Hi @NianticAtlas
You linked the abuse form, but @seaprincesshnb recommended the remove form, with the property owner wording.

We only want to make it right, not complicated and fast.

Edit: sorry, in this case @seaprincesshnb told to use the abuse form.

This one could be considered clear abuse though as it is a completely different part of the world. So I think using the Abuse form here is correct as it’s not an accident. There are other places where the Removal form gets the job done. I think the bigger take away is that we are encouraged to use the forms but could also use the forums.


@LetsRollGirl yes, it would be good to read this in a short statement not scattered in different discussions.

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I really appreciate this statement. I always wonder if I should comment on something in Wayspot Appeals since the poster obviously is looking for Niantic input.

Thank you for making it clear both that the abuse reporting form may be used whether it is clearly abuse or not, and for acknowledging that the community comments on these posts are welcome. I really hate using the property owner form for removals.

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