Invalid Wayspot - Children Tile Art

Here are some photos I took back then:

They don’t have GPS tags, but you can see the same wall, where the tiles used to be, something that looks like a covered outdoor power outlet at the bottom left, cover at the top right that throws shadow, and letters at the top left. You can also see the sun dial with a turtle on the photos, which is a wayspot next to this one. The Eugene and Michael Rosenfeld Auditorium that can seen on the photos is located in the Franklin Park. So while all these are not exact GPS coordinates, I hope it’s proof enough that the photos were taken from where that POI used to be. Please remove the wayspot.

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Thanks for the appeal, @Itsutsume. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

@NianticLC Just FYI - this wayspot is still shown on Ingress map, same as this one that I appealed here. I also asked for this wayspot to be moved, and it was approved, but on Ingress map it’s still in its old location. What’s going on?

The last sync was on the 22nd.

What does that mean?

Niantic seems to have switched-off the mechanism that allows new Wayspots to propagate into its games. This mechanism is called synchronization, or ‘sync’ for short.

Not only did they switch sync off - and not announce the fact - but their staff has chosen to keep mum about it when asked directly.

Our best guess is that after this eventful weekend (which includes a Monday holiday in the U.S.) sync will be restored, and new stuff will appear in-game.

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to be fair, aaron did reply to this issue, on the holiday day no less, to say the issue is not on the wayfarer end


I guess this mechanism is not just for new wayspots but also for existing ones to be removed or moved to new location. I’ll wait another week then.

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My issue is about wayspots not getting removed or moved, not about new wayspots appearing.

right. sync is the action that makes wayfarer changes show up in the individual games. so it doesn’t just apply to new wayspots. i also see a removed wayspot still in game. aaron’s reply was to a question about wayspots not appearing, but still shows that things are working on this end.

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It is for everything on the wayfarer end.
Any changes agreed like yours are changed in the Lightship database. This is the part Wayfarer control, and the changes are very quick.
It is then up to the games teams to draw down that information, sync. For ingress and Pokémon Go this normally happens once every 24 hours.
Aaron has reported that currently all is well at the wayfarer side with the Lightship database. So the lack of sync seems to have been due to the games teams. I doubt those teams are available on a US holiday to help explain the issue.

I guess someone on Niantic Lightship team should poke someone on Niantic Ingress team :grin: