Invalid Wayspot - Getty Museum Garden Labrynth

  • Wayspot Title: Getty Museum Garden Labrynth

  • Location (lat/lon): Ingress Intel Map / 34.076492,-118.474817

  • City: Los Angeles, CA

  • Country: USA

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any): According to the information from Getty website here and here, the maze is a part of the garden (not just inside the garden - it’s part of “garden the art piece”), and the garden is already a wayspot which features the maze on its photo:

Also, I know that it’s OK to create wayspots inside larger POIs that are already wayspots, but this garden is not that big to warrant a separate wayspot just for its maze.

Please remove this wayspot as it’s pretty much a duplicate.

I don’t see this as meeting any removal criteria.
If the second object inside the garden had been something other than the maze eg an information board would you use the same argument for that to be removed?
There is nothing wrong with this,


As I explained above, the maze is part of the garden itself. It’s not just inside the garden, it’s a part of the garden as an art piece. Basically this wayspot is a duplicate. Think of it as a wayspot for a small part of a mural while there is already a wayspot for the whole mural.

It is perfectly ok for a large mural to perhaps have 2 separate wayspots if the content of each section is significantly different.
It is also perfectly ok to have a garden area and to have features within it that are separate wayspots.
This is not a duplicate its a feature that is self contained within another larger feature.
It still exists so does not meet removal criteria.
You have made your appeal so you just have to wait now.

Yes, thanks for the input, which I disagree with, so let’s just wait for Niantic.

We can nominate picnic areas in parks even if the park is already a wayspot, though.

I know that and I mentioned that. But it’s not just about “the maze is physically inside the garden”. It’s more about “the garden is a piece of art, and the maze is integral part of this piece”. One of the links I posted is about this aspect. This is why I think the maze wayspot is a duplicate. Not just because it’s inside the garden but because it’s part of “garden as piece of art”. I can agree with @elijustrying that a piece of art can be a separate wayspot if it’s significantly different from the bigger picture, so to speak. But I don’t think that the structure in the pool is different just because it is shaped as a maze. I think it’s the same because with garden plants on it, it is integrated to achieve what the website says - “evolving work of art, designed to change with the seasons. Every visit offers different sights, sounds, and scents.” You don’t look at it just as “hey, cool maze!” You look at the garden as a whole. And even two photos for garden wayspot have the maze in the center. It’s part of it, not just physically but also artistically.

But again, it up to Niantic to decide.

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I’m sure the wayfarer team will be along in good time.
Most professional landscaping is a kind of art using plants and hard landscaping as the tools.
Capability Brown was well known for his landscape gardens on a grand scale and the language is that of art and architecture. Many of his crafted landscapes have distinct elements within them suitable as wayspots.
Since you are talking about interpreting elements of this garden in terms of it being a living work of art there will always be a difference of opinion on the elements that are present. And that may have a stronger role when assessing for acceptance. But here we are assessing if it would be correct to overturn something the community agreed with. I think the majority if the people looking at this garden would see the maze as a distinct element within it and a distinct object that individuals would want to explore.


I don’t know if you checked the website I posted. “The Central Garden is an evolving work of art, designed to change with the seasons. Every visit offers different sights, sounds, and scents” doesn’t seem like it’s about landscaping to me.

The community is made of people and is not infallible.

You think they would see the maze as separate, I see the maze as part of it for reason described and also because out of two photos for the garden wayspot, both have the maze in the center.

Again, appreciate the input, but getting tired of arguing with someone who has no say in the outcome. Getting tired of arguing, period. I’ll let Niantic decide. Bye for now.

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I did read and separately research for myself, as I am intrigued by various art forms and the boundaries of art.
There is never any obligation for people to respond on a forum.

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Then you can stop any time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I would recommend you to be more kind with the people is talking in the forum. This is an open forum and everybody can give their opinion even if you didn’t ask about them. Maybe you just want Niantic’s answer but as is this public and everybody can give an opinion, you can just ignore people’s comments until they answer you, but there is no reason to give passive-agressive messages.


Thank you all for your contributions to this discussion. We appreciate the diverse perspectives shared.

I’ve decided to close this thread for further comments. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated once the team reaches a decision. Thank you for your understanding.


Thanks for the appeal, @Itsutsume. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.