Is eMiLy too lenient?

With the updated content guide I’ve been wondering why eMiLy seems to be not following what has been set forth as acceptable PoI. Seems like she is very lenient on what can be let in.

Example: guidelines show that a whole disc golf course should be considered one playfield, and that there should be one PoI for the course, but as shown here all these were accepted within a few days of each other…

There are a few more as well in the area that are either the tee or the basket.

Also, this bench isn’t even a memorial bench or a bench with a great view, it’s just a regular bench.

Problem is there is no way to report these as they probably do not meet any removal criteria.

I’ve also seen some very temporary PoI approved and then when reported they removal request gets denied.

The sign will be irrelevant soon as well as this mannequin is on wheels and can be moved all over (it’s removed from this position every day so far, the business has only bee open a few weeks).

These all appear to be approvals by eMiLy as they are either of new things or get cluster approved (multiple things in the same small area)

Other things I have seen is generic street signs for bike paths (the kind that the guidelines ask us not to approve) objects clearly in front of homes or schools and Generic Chain restaurants.

Maybe we need a new removal catagory that we can send ML approved PoI back to Niantic to make sure it’s something they want to approve. Niantic could then use this info to get eMiLy more in line with the current guidelines the human reviewers are following.

I’m all for more PoI, but I also want to have examples of bad PoI removed. I would wager 75% of Nominators are pretty casual and don’t know about this forum and or any clarifications that come out. What most will see is new PoI appeared and the object attached must be a good idea and then submit more.

This is how you end up with cemeteries that are full of nominations and every survey marker at every corner submitted in Australia.



Thanks for this
Back to school for Emily - they obviously need to read the criteria.

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I haven’t seen any evidence of the ML model accepting (or rejecting) any nominations for a few days now. I feel like they have turned it off, starting around the 22nd.
I reported a series of accepted Wayspots all at the same gps coordinates, which I saw due to another nomination coming through during the challenge, and all the accepted ones were duplicates of other Wayspots. I am guessing ML was responsible for those, too. I miss the 24 hour decisions.

Since sync has been off since Thursday, so probably wouldn’t. According to the picture in PoGo all the disc golf tees and baskets were approved 8 to 9 days ago. There are 4 in PoGo, another 3 in ingress and at least 2 I can see that are Lightship only. Ironically enough the disc golf map (which would be eligible) is Lightship only. The park with that bench has at least one more bench nearby that is blocked by other nominations.

Sync and ML are … should be … different processes. Plus, ML has been working for photos.

Both issues have been reported.

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Well, I don’t have any nominations in voting currently, I submitted 2 this morning so I don’t know if eMiLy is off or not (probably find out tomorrow). With no sync I can’t tell if things are getting approved for others or not. One of my locals had a quick approval yesterday, but she never saw if it went to Niantic on not we are assuming it did since it was quick (2 days).

She can check her email for “our team” or “community”

@emily can check email?

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i never refer to ML by a human name. ty for illustrating the confusion. i meant that the person referenced here could check

fwiw i did get an email from an “Emelia” from Niantic the other day


I haven’t had anything approved by Emily recently. Just been receiving “community” approvals. I submitted some trail markers a few days ago in an area that Emily previously approved my others. Nothing happening there.

Actually she can’t, she has not received emails since the Lightship migration back in 2021. We have tried, both her and I, to open support tickets but can’t get past the support bot circle.

When I have a recent nomination ML accepted, it picks it up 20-24 hours after submitting. So while that sounds too fast for a community decision, it seems slow for an ML one. Too bad she can’t check the email. That has to be very frustrating.

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Yes, most of mine get grabbed pertty quickly, but a few go past the 24 hour mark. Usually when I nominated more than 10 in a session. Usually if they are done by the community it takes 3 weeks or so. (yes the challenge could have changed that timing as well)

Anyway, trying not to get off the main topic of my original post.

I agree with your topic. I am finding new wayspots approved that don’t meet criteria and they are popping up quickly, which I suspect is ML approved.

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Your friend could raise the email issue in Bug Reports & Technical Support as a technical support issue. Staff can try to help and because emails are personal information they can open a DM so tgat she can finally communicate with a human.

The problem is with the humans.

I never refer to Emily as a she either… That’s a bit weird.

Eventually Emily will learn what’s incorrect or correct when the human submitters, reviewers and Emily’s creators do @AgentX1976 :robot:

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I call all pokemon “he” so I guess thats similarly weird. Especially as they often have a gender.

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Well, I don’t know if ML is that lenient, as it just rejected a submission of mine as a duplicate. The outdoor plaza at the county courthouse in my city has 4 memorial stones to 4 different wars: WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam. Only the WWII stone is a Wayspot, so I submitted the other 3 yesterday, even nothing there are part of 4 stones and where in the plaza they are located.

Haven’t gotten a decision on the other 2 yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they get rejected now.

I will say it’s different for title/description edits, as I have gotten some approved by ML that I later see I spelled wrong, or used the old name for the area, such as a playground at a baseball complex that changed its name after a donation from a local business person.

Still learning…

Edit: 2 now rejected as dupes.

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yes ML shorter to write. and cyndiepooh is right -causes less confusion.