How is Emily faring for you?

Since February I’m at around 50 Emily accepts, excluding titles, description and photo edits with most being no brainers that would have probably been accepted via community reviews like this

I don’t really have any obviously acceptable submissions that have been Emily rejected. I do have a few that I think might have been borderline through regular voting but Emily accepted within a day.

It’s a gym with a title that I probably should have changed :slight_smile:

I missed the location by 5-10 feet which made the street view jump to an odd location. It was also difficult from my support to see that it’s a shop and not a private property.

Technically this is accessible on Eel Pie Island just not from where I was at the time, the other side of the Thames, hence the not great picture.

Reviewers would have hated this… Enough said.

From here Emily seems to be doing a great job.

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I’ve had 1 Wayspot submission accepted, all photo submissions accepted, and 1 title edit accepted this month (title edit was just to fix the grammar in the title).

Photo submissions seem to be the quickest for Emily to make a decision on for me, as what I’ve submitted has been getting approved within a minute, and showing up in-game, too.

Title/description/location edits seem to be the ones that either go into the queue or Niantic voting for me. I’ve had 1 description that went into Niantic voting and was approved, and currently have a title edit in Niantic voting. All the other edits I’ve submitted have gone into the queue, and some are now in voting.

Where I live, there aren’t a large number of new places to nominate, so I’m focusing more on updating Wayspots. There are a large number without descriptions, which I’m going to be focusing more on.

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the auto rejects for text edits and photo adds are a pain, at least for now I can quickly appeal all of them. but in a few days… idk what I’m gonna do. hopefully Niantic recognizes this issue.

otherwise, great. getting a response within 24 hours for more than 90% of my nominations is really cool and the instant photo accepts are great as well


Titles and descriptions have been the most amount of rejections for me.

Whether that’s a simple addition to expand the description or even naming something to give it it’s official title.

When Emily started and was rejecting stuff that was a pain. Too many good wayspots being rejected turned up on the forum. Nobody likes a rejection :grimacing:
Now we have the opposite and things are different
We had some new murals unveiled and Emily loved them …I have more yet to add. What a difference having that great feeling of an accept within 24 hours. :heart_eyes: Such a difference from looking at nearly 30 months.

But they are quite pernickety what was the difference between these submitted an couple of hours apart:

I too had an edit rejected - trying to replace a blank description with some accurate info.

I need to change submission habits away from drip feeding so as not to overwhelm the black hole and make it worse.
But as a reviewer I miss seeing those inspiring murals.


Its nice

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What I like: Got my nominations accepted quickly by Emily, including resubmitted ones.

What I dislike: Got my edits to title or description instantly rejected, even if the difference is by a single letter.


I know @cyndiepooh cringes every time we say “eMiLy”, but I think it’s working the way Niantic intended it to work. Could the edges be polished a little? Sure, but overall I think it’s a 9/10.


That is a lot of eMiLy accepts!
I frequently have very little nominations in either game available. I find that about 1/15 get accepted by Emily the others wait in voting. Typically when I go out and do a bunch of nominations of things that I know will get accepted in various areas of town, one is accepted by Emily. The rest sit in the queue.
I am hoping moving forward more get picked up by eMiLy.

Although I also notice in ingress only that the occasionally nomination will go out into the universe and never make it to my contribution page. Which is very frustrating. Just had this happen when I uploaded at home and the nominations were from about 65km away. Luckily I had to drive out to the area again the next day. It was a forested area so hard to pinpoint, not to mention the distance. I usually put things on hold to edit before.

I hope eMiLy clears out the queue on occasion too not just new nominations.


In the last 3 weeks Emily accepted 35/35 of my nominations, no rejects at the moment, so I’m very happy with how is working with nominations.
Related to edits, they are moving so much slower than nominations and I continue getting some dumb rejects but for me is not a problem at the moment. I would give Emily a 9/10.


A lot of mine have been things that Go players missed or forgot about due to them being within 20m of something else but still in their own cell.

Pretty easy submissions


You wanna know my problem with Emily? (I’m not doing the random capitalization on my phone.) Now that she accepts everything so quickly for me, i NEED MOAR SUBMISSIONS.

In the past, I’d concentrated only on my play area. But I’ve been able to build that up to almost full. Now i see big holes on the map in other areas that i want to go take care of. But 40 noms just ain’t cutting it anymore. I can do 30 noms on a Saturday, easily.

And, no, leveling up in Ingress is not an option for me. I think it’s daft to waste my time playing a game that brings me zero joy just to add wayspots that i won’t ever use. Like, at some point, the altruism has to stop. “I’m playing a game i hate so i can help complete strangers!”


Yeah I just don’t participate in a conversation that has that in the topic. I can have conversations on WDD instead where we don’t use it.


I have to say that I hated Ingress and started to play it some months ago because I really needed the 40 additional noms and I discovered is quite entertaining but, sadly, toxic too. I don’t regret about playing it and I will continue but more relaxed and just in my area, now I won’t need to be worried about not having enough noms during my trips ^^


Nope, I’ve been through those moments of wanting to play because it’s not that bad. But with all the free labor I’m putting into behind the scenes ambassador stuff, as well as doing my real job, i just can’t waste my time on it. And i shouldn’t have to, honestly. It’s time for Niantic to consider the partnership they have with their free labor submitters, and make it better on our end. ML was a very good step. Guard rails need to be shored up. And then we need to be able to really put the ML system to work.

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I would happily trade upgrades for M0ar submissions now that Emily has changed the way the system works.

What would be a fair number?
10k, 20k, 30k reviews increases your submission level permanently to 60?

Choose an upgrade or a submission when you hit 100% ?


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If it’s not accepted by Emily, it’s taking longer than ever to have something approved in my area.It’s getting a bit frustrating.


20 posts were split to a new topic: Personification of Systems

It might be more appropriate to split the discussion as the original was going well…but it has gone in a whole different direction.
If that seems sensible I will do that in the morning .


I am surprised some have had all posts looked at by ML. While I think I said 1/15 but actually that is not true as I do submissions between pokemon and ingress and use all my nominations. I just find so many great things. Plus I edit where needed for those in the wrong locations and it opens up other great nominations. I find on occasion ML accepts something. Haven’t had any rejects in awhile except from community that need appealing. Otherwise, a few are pulled into Niantic Voting, while most in regular voting/queue.

Just had my first ML rejected edit. Happy I can appeal via help chat still. I won’t be wasting my appeals on edits after the 15th. :rofl: Will have more time to just focus on the games. Although I guess if location is not obvious but <10m then I will just leave those too.

About 90% of my media submissions are approved via ML, which is nice.

Also, want to say that I quit ingress 4 years ago due to the community. It was not great. Got back into it and play by myself and for the most part ignore the other team. They are very obsessive here and make the game less fun. I only started back because of my son playing. My other friends who I used to play with know the community hasn’t changed and it turned them off completely. I take to edits and cleaning things up since it affected the board when they use portals that are no longer there but in the middle of a highway or other abusive locations. This gets me out to all different kinds of areas that help me find new nominations too.