Is someone spamming Church of Latter Day Saints edits?

Niantic has the records to show where it appeared and when it spread.

I am old enough to recognize the phrase ‘third-party’ as something that pre-dates the internet era. If they wish to require us to show them when they already have access to the records and we don’t, I will leave them to it. They can already see the set phrases on this forum, the previous Vanilla forum archive, and in several other discussion groups.

Third-party does not require a specific vector, such as ctrl-c, ctrl-v. Multiple agents are modifying titles from their local form to a generic one - verbatim, and doing the same with the description.

If Niantic is content with this, one wonders why they are not consistent with regard to copies of photographs. They do not want us to use a photo of a photo, or a picture grabbed through various digital-optical-mechanical processes in a duplicative fashion. It needn’t originate on-line nor use ctrl-c, ctrl-v to be disqualified, there.

Third-party text is duplicative of existing text. Someone entered those strings of words into their nomination once, as an original act. The rest were copied, mimicked, aped, by those who preferred not to engage in a creative act, themselves.

Can you prove that statement? How do you know it is more than one person?

If i have a generic statement i use for all tennis courts or playgrounds i submit, i should not be accused of third party against myself.

What’s the distance for making edits?

Are you not a number?

Obviously I’m a number 2. Everyone says that to me :slight_smile:

Niantic has the records that will demonstrate multiple accounts.

We employ logic to show that dozens of locations including Alaskan villages hundreds of miles apart, in winter, and others thousands of miles away in various directions, are not the work of a frequent flyer.

If Niantic doesn’t look at their own records, what do you want us to do? Stake out the churches and take photos of those who use their phones nearby? The database tells the tale, and they shouldn’t push it off on you to put it upon us. They can verify it in seconds.

One would hope that your tennis court examples get to have their park’s name or street name, and court number or relative position or something. Otherwise, we may as well just robotically bang in screen-grabs from other courts and recycled text and be done with the whole thing.

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A big pink 2 from the looks of it. :smiling_face:

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I won’t discuss it openly, but there is a way for this to be the work of one person.

Niantic is aware of the issue. They have looked into it and will continue to do so. They have not declared this as third party text. Therefore no one else should do so.


Divine intervention?

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Niantic has never reserved the rights to this term exclusively for themselves. Are we now to stop flagging things we believe to be third-party?

Do they maintain a cleared list? We don’t want to be banned for violating their policies, but they ask us to flag third-party stuff. But now it’s only after they’ve made the determination themselves? How’s this supposed to work?

Use tools easily available to you. Use Google, Bing, or another search engine to look up the source material. This isn’t an APA citation work. Basic paraphrasing is typically acceptable so long as it reads appropriately. If no direct matches appear, why assume it’s 3rd party text? And why associate every phrase coined by an original content creator as being 3rd party?

I mean with respect but I think you take it further than necessary, especially on something Niantic clearly doesn’t care as much about as we’re making it.

Ok, here it is:



I did see a few edits in the Wayfarer challenge :joy:

So we know they prefer the official religion be called a particular way but how about actual buildings? Let me push this here again, guidelines for physical building names for what seems to be an official app.

Building Names

Physical Facilities provides a temporary name for building locations. Stake calendar admins should rename the building in Locations and Rooms to the name that local members know it by. You should include “Building” in the name so it will not be confused with a stake or ward calendar.

Never name a building only “Stake Center.” If buildings are shared between stakes and both stakes have buildings named “Stake Center,” members will not be able to tell them apart and will show up to the wrong building. Include your stake name or initials in the name of the stake center building.

From what I understand, the first paragraph tells that a placeholder text under the Physical Location tab is to be renamed by an admin with “Building” and local identifier affixed.

Don’t we have someone part of the church that can chime in again?

Would you recommend I use MLA or APA ciations n my nominations?


Just got a description edit, and here’s the photo showing the building has more than just the church’s name on it:

The title had already been changed to not include the unique identifier that’s clearly on the building.