Knitted poles

  • Wayspot Title: Knitted poles
  • Location *(lat/lon) 51.865459,4.618981
  • City: Ridderkerk
  • Country: Nederland
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email

Screenshot of poi

Screenshot of poi now

Reason: the colour knitted wool is already 8 years gone

The first screenshot says “9 years ago”. Where is that from? Did you create this wayspot?

If yes, can you show your submission with date stamp? If you submitted it 9 years ago (so 2013), and the streetview from 2017 (so 7 years ago) shows the POI is gone, it might be enough.

The screenshot Its from pokestop in pokemon go the picture there you can also like the picture whit thumb up, no i did not created this poi and thanks

So in Pokemon Go you can see when the photo was taken?

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I knit and crochet and can assure you any yarnbombing is temporary and never should have been accepted.

Yes, Pogo shows how old the photo is, but Ingress doesn’t.


Yes then you need to press on the picture and make it bigger, some pokestops and gyms have also more then 1 picture and then you can vote thumb up in the picture you think is best

And a example white more picture

And if you click on it to make bigger you also see the date

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Yes, in PoGo, it does show when the photo was added, even if they were added before the game launched. Many of the original stops and gyms in my area have been in PoGo from the beginning, and most likely were added with Ingress prior to the game’s launch in 2016.

I agree, the yarn doesn’t last forever, especially outside. We used to have poles like this in my city’s downtown, mainly put up by a local arts and craft store. They didn’t last long, and I’ve never seen any with a Wayspot.

Highly recommend requesting removal for the Wayspot for the knitted poles.


In such case this might be good enough. You can edit your post and mention this:

The photo was taken 9 years ago, so around 2015 (I think I said 2013 at first - my math is off today :laughing:). The streetview is from 2017 and therefore is newer than the photo of the wayspot. Here’s the satellite view:

Here’s the 2017 streetview:

Title : knitted poles
Location : Netherlands
City : Ridderkerk

Reason: wool around fench and poles already long gone, reported couple of times in game dont work, thats why i ask it here to be removed


We have all different info about this wayspot all over different posts. I hope Niantic will read all of them. I don’t know if you can still edit your very first post to add all the info there so that it’s all in one place in the first post. If you can’t and if this appeal doesn’t work, try creating a new one, but put everything together and in proper order.

Wayspots can’t be removed in the forums. You can find more information about requesting removal here:

Yes, they can. First you need to report a wayspot in-game, which I believe @Panjadraakj already did and got rejected. After you get a rejection, you can appeal here on the forum.

That link you posted actually states what I said. There were some people who said they used the property owner form even though they are not property owners, and wayspots got removed. I never used that form. I report in-game first, then appeal here.

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If that is the case, information is missing. We need a screenshot of the rejection email, as well as a photo of the current area. Only rejected removal requests can be processed here, and this doesn’t seem like one with how it’s worded.

@Panjadraakj Please provide this informaiton before Niantic can even review this further. Directions for this forum are provided when creating a new thread in Wayspot Appeals for future reference.

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I will ad a picture of todays view of the location

That is a good point.

As for photo of current area - we figured that the photo was taken 9 years ago, but streetview, a link to which was posted, is from 7 years ago, so it’s newer than the photo. It might be enough for Niantic, might be not. I did suggest recording a video for best results.

Wool around a metal object should be enough , but i make soon new picture thanks

Street View typically isn’t enough. I have had removal requests rejected even though satellite and Street View clearly show the Wayspot no longer exists. I’ve done this a few times, and each I have taken a photo of the area right after submitting the removal request, just in case of a rejection.

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Just made new pictures from every angle

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That’s strange. I usually have good results with streetviews when the older streetview shows the POI in question, but newer streetview shows the POI is no longer there. But yes, taking photos and/or videos is always a good idea. Quite a few times I reported something only to be rejected and then later realized streetview is very outdated so I have to go back and take photos and videos to support my appeal :laughing: Now I take as much photos and videos as I can so that I don’t have to go back :laughing:

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There need to be a option that if you make a appeal you can also send a picture. It can if you first add a picture request of picture that is not there anymore, the poi ( do it count as bad on wayfarer rank sending picture where the poi is not on)?? and then a appeal to remove the poi, but its better if you can add a picture when you report for removing the poi, instead of only be able to write its gone the poi