Layoutchange: Add gaps on the review page on Wayfarer

Hello there,
since this is my first post, I don’t know exactly if this is the right category, but here we go.

On the Wayfarer review page (Niantic Wayfarer) is a clear gap between *Report *Skip *Submit when in english, but when I change the language to german (my first lang.) the buttons close the gap somehow.

ger-eng diff

I filled out reviews that took minutes, just to have 1mm of bad aim make me press the *Skip button…
Maybe the data I marked before the accidental skip doesn’t get lost and I worry about nothing, but if it gets lost this would be pretty bad :smiley:

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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Good point. As someone prone to inaccurate clicking on boxes I can see that being frustrating.

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That’s a very good point, I hate it too

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