Make me able to follow members

I want to suggest the idea in the title. It would be nice if I could follow f.e. content which is posted by Ambassadors.


c r e e p y :slight_smile:


I thought that Ambassadors were choosen to be time-limited representives of the community (userside) with massive experience in wayfaring, nomination, edit and removing stuff.
So why is it creepy for you, that I’m interested in following their content?

While I don’t think this is your intent, following a particular user is often used in online communities in order to harass others. I don’t know if this function exists on this platform, but I would not be surprised if it doesn’t to keep that behavior from happening.

As for us ambassadors, we have good insights, but we are not Niantic employees.


but I don’t want to follow you!

I’m sorry, there’s no choice

Ok. I thank you that some of you take the time to read my suggestion.
But I have to say, that the responses I receive from you, and how even niantic employee (no concern @seaprincesshnb, I know that you and the other Ambassadors are no niantic employees) react to this, feels very uncomfortable for me.
I’m sure that’s the last suggestion I did for a while.

In a slight digression is 9 hours the least amount of time you can ignore or mute someone. Not that I particularly want to or would.

This is handy too. Apparently 3024 at 8am is the end of forever.

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Not forever just until 3024.



It shouldn’t be possible (and isn’t) to mute people with consistently excellent accreditation

I was following, and hoping there was a way. The ambassadors have great insights, and I would also love to see every time they post. For now, I am just trying to check every time I see the orange dot indicating there has been a new post so that I don’t miss anything. I didn’t think this was an odd request at all!



Oh I looked in the wrong location ignore/mute.
Got it. Thanks

@AliceWonder1511 If you want to follow someone, you can follow me and the podcast I co-host about Niantic Wayfarer. Please don’t think @seaprincesshnb was being rude. People in 2024 really want to protect their online identities.

Here is the link to the show -

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Hi @BlameJamal
Thank’s! I really appreciate your personal invitation :heart:
But I’m sorry, I can’t :pensive:
A few days ago I followed the link and wanted to look one episode. Before that, I read about your topics and found that you discuss a “coal of the week”.
Call me crazy, but I don’t like to blame others - and went away.

I’m sure you make a fantastic podcast, interesting, educational and humourful!

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Coal of the week isn’t my favourite either. I prefer the highlighted nominations.

In saying that I do appreciate all the time and effort, different viewpoints and news so I’d say just skip that bit like I do as it’s well put together and worth a listen.

I even listen to the ones with Ambassadors on and that’s not an easy task.