What if you don't have an ambassador

I saw this topic how would you approach it then ?

Was it really necessary to be so abrupt with the closure? @MegaTrainerRed

Why not just allow people to give a few answers and then close it in a few days?

Nobody will d1e, nobody will get hurt.
You do realise what you are doing by being so abrupt with people asking innocent questions and the people you are pandering to?

@hankwolfman Gave a bit of good advice. I would have been happy to point them in the right direction with a few links, other info as would some others probably.

They would probably have said thanks and moved on.

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then why are you attacking the ambassador and not giving the op advice? i believe closing the topic was the correct thing to do and have no advice to give on this subject.


Because they closed the ops thread making it impossible to reply to them.

Don’t tell me I’m attacking someone when I’m asking why they did something.

Why are you making incorrect assumptions on something that wasn’t directed at you. Don’t you have flags to look at?

that reads like an attack

Than I suggest you improve your reading skills

you can reply to the op here before this one is closed. you need to improve your reading skills. i am done here.

Fantastic. Have a nice day :us_outlying_islands:

I’m closing this now since it is not related to Wayfarer. There are some games topics that are closely related to WF that seem logical to let people comment on for a while. But that other one and this one don’t fall into that category.