Making a several wayspots on a campus

I tried making this sign a wayspot for pokemon go on a church campus but it got shot down.

I stated it as a “Welcome Home Sign” and presented it as a brick sign on a patch of grass near the campus building free from traffic and a safe place for players.

There are a few places on this campus I want to make wayspots. This place is open to the public were groups gather during the week and a safe place for children and adults to play wayspot games.

I am not sure if I can try for a third time or just include it in the entrance.

My next sign is this: It is a campus map.

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The sign isn’t really a gathering spot. The message will change, so it is not always “welcome.” When the sign is right there in view of the church, i see it as a duplicate of the church.

The map is also not someothing i would approve. I like maps that help you explore a place. This map isnt really designed to help you explore, as in, find new places. It’s just an average map that shows a couple of buildings.

Based on this map, the campus only has a kids building and a main building. I wouldnt approve the kids building, so the main building is probably the only thing you can get approved here.


Is this your church? That sign would not show up in Pokemon Go even if accepted (which I would not) because it is in the same L17 S2 cell as the church Wayspot

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I am surprised this sign was accepted. Normally a church sign is rejected as a duplicate of the church, unless the sign itself has a standalone reason to accept it, like spectacular artwork or historical significance.


it is unclear to me what this structure is. could that be something?

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Thanks for the reply. I started attending and it’s like an oasis in the county. After some weeks I notice the activity at the only the gym and wanted to submit more. So there cannot be two waypoint in the same cell? I’ll think about what I choose more carefully.

The spot you pointed out is an outside seating area with hanging lights used for dinners on summer nights. I will take a picture of it and suggest it to Wayfarer. It would be fun to see at least three gyms.

I will look for more spots because this place has potential to be a spot for peoples’ online enjoyment.


Just a minor clarification, there is no limit on the number of, or distance between, Wayspots in the Lightship database.

For spots to show up in the games there are different rules and it looks like you are asking about a poke-thing showing up. That does depend on cell rules.