Maliciously Removed Two Wayspots (ingress portals)

Appealing the removal of two wayspots. Details below.

Wayspot Title: Marginal Wharf
Location (lat/lon): -38.701621,146.465927
City: Welshpool VIC 3965
Country: Australia

Wayspot Title: Fisherman Jetty
Location (lat/lon): -38.702854,146.467025
City: Lewis St, Port Welshpool VIC 3965
Country: Australia

Additional Information:

Both of these wayspots (Inress portals) were used for a large Ingress field yesterday. Both local Ingress factions accept the legitimacy of the fields.

There are photos of the agents near and at the portals taken yesterday. Marginal Warf sign and the Fisherman’s Jetty are still there and present.

We (both ingress factions in Victoria) believe the removal request was made maliciously to frustrate the large ingress fields.

We humbly request these portals be reinstated and ingress agents making such malicious request duly punished.

Marginal Warf (proof on google maps)

Fisherman’s Jetty (proof on google maps)


I know the agents, met them in past and their proof are geninue.

First of all, nice green stacks over Melbourne. Congrsts all involved.

Secondly, Please kindly perm ban whoever reported it for removal. Thank you

A Resistance player.


Here is a pic of @Moggsy & me at the jetty throwing fields :slight_smile:

Big fields are a great part of ingress. Such a shame some agents react in this way.

Please reinstate the portals. They are real!


Original Wayspot photos:

Marginal Wharf
Approved 5 July 2020

Fisherman Jetty
Approved 7 April 2022

Both Wayspots show specific signs at the jetty. @thechandi @RedBlackCat do you have any photos which show the signs still exist? I cannot see any other potential removal criteria unless those signs have been removed.


Further investigation:

This 2014 streetview image shows where the Marginal Wharf sign was located, at the end of the row of white bollards. (

Google Photos from June 2022 show part of the jetty undergoing re-construction. It shows the same part as the StreetView image but from the reverse side. The shape of the “Marginal Wharf” from the Wayspot photo cannot be sign. (There is a bigger sign but I don’t know what it says)

I don’t know if the sign was replaced when the repairs were finished?


Both of these two wayspots, Marginal Warf and the Fisherman’s Jetty are used by locals and visitors to gather and take part in out door activities such as picnics and fishing.

Specifically this means both wayspots meet the criteria

  • A great place for exercise - Parks and plazas
  • A great place to be social with others - Parks and plazas
  • A great place to be social with others - Fountains and water features

It may even meet the criteria

  • A great place for exploration - Nature signs

Both locations have plenty of accessible pedestrian access including for wheel chairs and is very safe.

Google Reviews Marginal Ward (link) states

Google reviews for Fisherman’s Jetty (link) states

To gather even more evidence two ingress agents @ Moggsy and @ BetootaAdvocate drove 3 hours each way to get the following photographic evidence tonight.

The two following photos prove both portals are still present.

There were even local fisherman who were fishing off the pier.

The area is safe and accessible

Therefore I contend that both portals meet the wayspot guidelines.
As additional proof GPS location and time stamps of the photos are attached.

I except this evidence proves that the way spots are legitimate and the removal of them were purely a malicious act aimed at unfairly neutralizing a legitimate ingress field.

@Tntnnbltn more detail Above also included to prove this portal deletion was malicious and not due to not satisfying wayspot guidelines.


I think it’s fairly clear that the portals/waypoints were only subject to removal request after million+ MU fields were anchored to them, and they are clearly within the standards and guides of both the old submissions requirements and the newer Wayfarer standards.

A casual dismissal of this ticket and the requirement for an appeal is disappointing, especially given the strength of the viability standards. I hope the appeal brings better attention to the situation and the review is honest.


It’s great to have Crossfaction recognition and support. Two teams, one community! :muscle::blue_heart::green_heart:


I can’t talk about Ingress as I’m a newbie in that game, but talking about Wayfarer I can see enough evidences when I see the post shared by @thechandi . I can’t affirm is related to a malicious report or something related but with all these I think is enough to know those waysposts still exist there. Now you just need to wait until a Niantic staff member can have a look to this topic. I hope all will get a fast and happy resolution!


Absolutely it was a malicious removal. These also aren’t the only portals maliciously removed or modified in recent and less recent times.

We have a pretty good idea based on past patterns and locations of manipulations as to who is likely involved.

Ingress is a game to be played, not corrupted with these manipulations which damage the game and ruin the fun and challenge for players of Integrity in both factions.

Not only should the portals be restored, but everyone involved in the malicious reports should be permanently banned from Ingress and Wayfarer.

Additionally, Niantic needs to consider a proper evidence-based mechanism such as provision of geo located scans or photos to facilitate valid changes and help prevent invalid ones in reports. Or at least prevent keyboard manipulators from ruining the game from* 200km away having never even visited.


Please note that there is also an abuse reporting form linked at the top of this page, if that hasn’t been done yet.

@Tntnnbltn The Portals were restored Monday US time/Tuesday AU time.

I did report abuse, using the abuse form but “Katter” replied that the deletion was due to portals not meeting the criteria (provided the same evidence as the post) and it will not be revered even though it had been reversed already.