Maliciously Removed Wayspot Appeal

  • Wayspot Title: hamit köyü
  • Location (lat/lon): 38.944500,28.100566
  • City: Manisa
  • Country: Turkey
  • Additional Information (if any):

This portal added with foursquare portals but we visited this portal and this is a marker for the village enterance. The photos are added to the waypoint.

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This is valid portal. its a information board/ name sign for old village.

This portal exists in real, I have been at this sign recently

From what I can see, the Wayspot is currently live. e.g. it appears in the Wayfarer app.

I don’t know if it was recently restored (within the last 24 hours) and hasn’t appeared in Ingress yet?

We visited this portal on April, 10th. We created a small operation for covering Akhisar city by blue fields. This portal was the last point, and very far. Photos on this portal also were added by me. So this place is real. But again local enlightened society instead of going there and destroy, sent request for removing. It’s not the first situation in our region. But no any punishment for them, no any protection for us.

It may appear on wayfarer app but this got removed about 5 hours ago in Ingress.