Maliciously removed Wayspot

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Trail Marker 2km
  • Location (lat/lon): 48.472006, -122.434557 (edited)
  • City: Mount Vernon, WA
  • Country: USA
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):
  • Additional Information (if any):

Photos of the wayspot:

This wayspot was maliciously removed. It clearly exists. This wayspot is at the same location as another wayspot that is a frequent target of malicious and fraudulent removal attempts, Paccar Water Storage Tank and was likely targeted for the same reasons. Please reinstate this valid portal.

I believe you’ve provided the wrong coordinates. Going to the location you’ve provided on Google Maps doesn’t show anything resembling the marker or the rest of the picture, and instead shows a road side area that would not be considered to have safe pedestrian access.

Yes, thank you. Edited with more accurate coordinates.


These coordinates don’t seem to show what your picture shows. Maybe I input them oddly but this seems to show a building.

Niantic has made the controversial decision that markers like this are no longer eligible :roll_eyes:

Can’t say I agree with them, but you’ll have an uphill battle getting this restored.

The irony is that trail markers actually meet criteria as opposed to the other wayspot you mentioned. But such is niantic.

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Those are the coordinates for the other way spot that had been unsuccessfully targeted before, not the one that was currently removed.

Do you have a link to where they state that? I know in the past they required trail markers to have trail names on them, but I thought that requirement was removed.

A comment by Niantic was made on a post in the old forum. I assume this link no longer works:
But I had copied and pasted the words so I could find it in a search:

Trail markers that list the name and other information about the trail are good candidates (the ones with just numbers or arrows are not considered good). The information provided by the submitter also plays a role. We would also love to see what is interesting about this trail. Was it the first trail in the area, does it highlight specific wildlife local to this region? All of this would help make it much easier to rate higher. The second point is how many of these trail markers are there? Are they distinguishable and far enough apart that it doesn’t make the others any less unique? The next thing we consider is if they are permanent. Stickers and printouts are not considered permanent and may be rejected. Hope this clarifies the confusion.

I posted on Discord March 12, 2024, so was around that date.

That post seems to be talking about submission eligibility requirements. Is Niantic now using the same eligibility considerations for removing wayspots as well? I thought removal criteria was much stricter.

I can’t find that quote at that url, seems like it doesn’t actually exist anymore, and yet trail markers like this one still encourage exercise and exploration. They’re even explicitly called out on the eligibility criteria page.

If Niantic were trying to communicate some idiotic change in trail marker policy, surely that’s the first thing they’d update.

It is much stricter! Unless we’re talking about trail markers :roll_eyes: apparently they’re terrible

I provided that comment as an example of how Niantic is considering trail markers currently. I did not say that this had been posted as a new criteria clarification. I wish we had current criteria clarifications posted somewhere. I am glad that they brought over the September 2022 Wayfarer Criteria Challenge results at least, and I have that bookmarked. And that is what I am still going by in both my reviews and submissions: Wayfarer Criteria Challenge - #6 by NianticTintino

For trail markers only yes they are doing so. Otherwise you are correct, removal criteria is much stricter than rejection criteria. Why are they doing this? Who knows. Is anyone outside of Niantic happy about it? Well maybe a few malicious folks but otherwise no.



I’m disappointed in you, LC. You know you’re better than this.

Can you tell me what removal criteria it qualified for to be removed? It doesn’t seem to fit any of the selections in the game. Are there other unlisted criteria that Niantic considers to be sufficient for a removal?

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