Misplaced Wayspot (not an appeal)

Arkansas River Trail
34.748299, -92.264265
Little Rock
United States of America

This is not placed where it is. I took the screenshot with my hand against the sign and circled the Wayspot. I walked from President Clinton Avenue to what is usually the Arkansas River Trail when the I 30 bridge across the Arkansas River is not being widened and causes this to be moved to President Clinton Avenue.
Once that project is finished, this sign will still be at a different location than in Wayfarer. I ask that this be moved to the set of latitude and longitude that I found while there on Community Day in May. You might or might not be able to look eastward in Google Maps. I don’t know if that will let you decide where this should be placed.

Hi! You need to submit an edit using any of the Niantic games. If is rejected you can come back here to appeal the rejection. Meanwhile, nobody here can help you.


I tried moving the Wayspot in Ingress but was unable. How do I do that? I believe things, unless the distance I tried to move the Wayspot, & prevented me from being able what you request. I have moved some Wayspots successfully in the past. This one would not move that far. I did move 2 others nearby that 1. I already reviewed 1 or 2 of the edits.

if you are unable to do the correction in game, you can use help chat for a location edit. they will want evidence. access help chat from the help menu for wayfarer.

i may be confused that something else is going on here since you were told there is no way to do it.

As @cyndiepooh commented you, is better to do the location edits using Help Chat. This area is more for removal or invalid wayspot appeals.

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I found where to appeal. Thank you for that help!