Modern priceawarded buildings rejected

Modern priceawarded buildings rejected by bot
April 7, 2024
Ios 17.3.1

Modern buildings, awarded with national or regional architectureprices for design of the buiding was rejected probably by bot since the rejection came very fast. For a bot it might look like crappy nominations, (it may have bad taste in design :laughing:) but reading the descriptions, a reviewer should be able to be informed by the awards. Buildings is for several households, no schools or other inappropriate place, no sensitive place, pedestrian access, and not private residential properties. Nominations are eligabel for being poi for exploring, since artform and design is an interesting thing, as well contributing for the local cultural and history. One of the buildings rejected even holds international interest since its design was very spectacular and is probably one of the moust ”talked” about bulding in ”modern time” from my country. I can understand why bot would reject it for being ”ordinary” houses without significant meaning, but maybe it should be adjusted to not reject them since it will be many appeals. Imo they are eligable nominations and also high quality nominations.

If you would like help with this, we will need to see the nominations and the text you used copy and pasted in so we can translate it.

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An award-winning multi-family house in Norrköping Industrial landscape. The building won the Housing Award in 2016, architects Kai Wartiainen and Ingrid Repen

Reviewer info:
One of the most rewritten housing buildings in recent years in Sweden. Katscha’s unique design is well known both locally and internationally.

I would suggest appealing this. But i would look up a website to explain the name of the award it won, what that award means, and gives proof that this building is the one that won. For example, it took me several web searches to confirm that this is the same building. The main website i found that listed this as the winner showed a view that did not look like the same building at all.

Hopefully, you can convince appeal reviewers to accept it. And then hopefully, that gets fed back into the ML model to help make it better.

Since the adress of the poi and the building is the same, I thought that would be enought proof. And the angle of the photo, is taken with scans in mind :sweat_smile: some photos has an angle that further away then 40 meter, and you will have to stand on water to be able to scan it. The angle I took is less then 40 meters away and on a bridge.
Also I would like to avoid much of the water because it could be problematic to create arcontent with the reflections.
But ofc house has large sides of glass so could be difficult either way.
But this was not the only buljong rejected, and I do think it went to review, I think bot rejected the nomination, and that what I was asking about,

Try a square ratio of 1:1 for the photograph, that will cut out some of the visual clutter.

Looks potentially eligible to me, but if you can’t get it through the AI then you’ll need to take it to appeal. I find that process works better with some good citations.