Multiple Sport fields in a sports area

How do you all feel about nominating all the seperate sport fields/courts in a park or sports club?

For example there is a Football club with 7 fields in town, would it be okay to nominate all 7 fields, and would they generally get accepted in your area?

In my area if a sport club already has one way spot for the entrance/name/canteen of the club, it’s very hard to get a seperate field accepted since they will be marked as duplicate very often.
And I have never seen multiple fields get accepted in a club, they are always marked as duplicates if there already is one on the map.

I’ve never had a problem getting the pavillion/leisure centre name/clubhouse plus the football or rugby or hockey etc etc pitches added.

A large sports complex would look something like

Britville Sport Centre

Britville football field

Britville hockey pitch

Britville tennis courts

Just one Wayspot for each sport though if you don’t want to end up like the Netherlands trailmarker fiasco :wink:

It very much depends on the fields/courts. If they are separately fenced, or separately signed, I like every individual one in addition to the park/club as a whole. If it is just a big lawn with temporary goals set up, I do not like that as a “distinct” field.

If the football (soccer) fields are clearly and permanently defined, they tend to be accepted easily here. In addition to the complex as a whole.

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If all the soccer fields are at the same location, then I would suggest submitting just one field. If there are different sports fields at the same location then I think they would be acceptable as separate wayspots.

I really don’t like having conversations like this. (This is my personal opinion, not any kind of official stance.) This is absolutely where local custom, culture, and use your best judgment come into play.

While it appears that our British Wayfinding friends don’t like the American habit of accepting individual fields, we Americans don’t like the idea of accepting free-standing mailboxes.

These are just differences that we have to accept about each others’ cultures. There will never be worldwide consensus on this (and many) topic(s) and that’s ok.


Ooh, what was this?

A mix of large scale abuse, small scale abuse, lack of clarity on trailmarker eligibility leading to removals, warnings etc.

One day our US friends will wake up to no more sports ball…

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