Mysterious Interpretation of Criteria

Funny I was just looking and was about to ask if it was this

To my eyes that doesn’t look like private property. I could be incorrect though? @M1rl33n4321

Yes, this is that submission.

You got a different spot. It is at coordinates 52.1250953,6.9101224,64

So the community are incorrect?

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(I appreciate Niantic popping into the conversation and that is why I reacted with a heart - now it isn’t just us guessing for the OP. Others are on this so I am out. Love these little tables.)


You get those responses for appealed nominations. This nomination has not been appealed.

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Are you seriously accusing me of lying here ??? The only thing I did wrong was upgrading this nomination when it was in voting. It was NOT rejected before and NOT (yet) appealed, and it is in the correct spot 100%. Why would I move it away even a meter in an area with plenty of room.

Drew a red circle at the correct spot in your pohoto. Streetview does not go there, and you cannot see it from Streetview. As you can see the blue trail does not go in to that street.

There seems to be some confusion here. Let me clarify it. The first message I posted was in response to the nomination which was appealed and you got a response for.

This one is a different nomination which was voted on and decided by the community.

Hi, @NianticAaron Aaron.

@M1rl33n4321 used numbers to designate several different nominations. Might you perhaps use those numbers in your explanations to prevent ongoing confusion?

ETA there are five(?) different gathering-points that each seem to be in public spaces.


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In retrospect, I too feel that I should have :slightly_smiling_face:

In my defense though, I did quote the text :innocent:

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I was getting quite confused myself,as this was giving me a splitting headache and I was actually at work.

Yes, with the number 4 I could not get a map in the picture and I could not move it when I nominated,which happens 3 or 4 times my now, so I simply confirmed the spot that was given,which was my standpoint where I took the picture. Unfortunately you can’t finetune the pin after uploading (nor before that) but it was a few meters at most.

As the discussion at that moment was about Garteneck, so i was focussed on that.

To be honest, I get the feeling that Waypoints are considered a bad thing that should be avoided at all costs, and ONLY be accepted it there is absolutely no way around it. Instead of being considered an enrichment for the game(s) and making it more fun to play for more people, especially those who don’t live in big cities.

Instead of making valuable contributes, creating nice wayports with nice pictures where the density is low, I get the feeling like I’m somehow begging for things in not supposed to ask for.

I feel like I’m constantly being punished instead of rewarded for my effort. If Niantic would simply follow the money, i bet some criteria would look VERY different. So what ARE they after ?

(By the way, number 4 is DEFINITELY not on private property either, but the pin is off).


This is a common issue - you have to restart your game to get the map back. Then it will work again.

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Niantic has taken little notice of the difficulty caused by this old bug. For years their criteria called for a spot ‘within a few meters’ of the desired object, and one could simply accept the default location where standing to take the primary photo.

Nowadays, if there is a disparity between satellite and map, Niantic is prone to calling you out for ‘abuse’ as though you controlled the GIS data and were attempting to cheat somehow…


If while you were are at work a customer called you up to ask about an error on their account and you told them why they were incorrect, didn’t fix the actual error and then left them hanging…

Maybe they’ll fix the community rejection for you. Lets see…


It is not that I personally ‘need’ those wayports. I’ve given it my best, and by now I can even ignore most stops and pick the ones I like ;-). But I HAVE seen raised activity in the village since I started wayfairing. (Could also be sure to the weather, of course :joy:).

It has been over four years ago since some new stuff was added here. I just like to map out the prettier places in my village, and enhance some photos. Some are approved, some not. But I like to be able to know in advance if I am wasting my time. So far, it’s about as reliable as flipping a coin -or even rolling a dice :frowning:

One Treffpunkt (or Restaurant, or trail marker, or informational sign,or bee hotel, or playground) being eligible and an almost identical not (and not on school property) is just…weirdly inconsistent. Like interpretation of the criteria completely depends on one person at one time. Next day the outcome can be completely different.


The original Niantic ship was a notoriously slow vessel that never really got anything done.

Meant for trade in China then sold to capture whales.

It’s last voyage saw it grounded with the passengers deserting after a few days during the gold rush…yippee!

It was eventually lost in a fire with a hotel, which no doubt hosted the great, the good and only the finest Ambassadors, being built on the site.

Some things never change…


In regards to arbitrary “regular this” and"normal that" I’d like to add myself to this sad club :frowning: it happened to me too with my “regular sitting area” which is apparently not unique or artistic in any way.

Hopefully if enough of us say something, they’ll look at their policies and either stop with the arbitrary team and appeal rejections, or explain to us why at least.

Though I’ve heard some users say the AI is being used not just for submissions, but for appeals as well, which is more than ridiculous when you absolutely need a sensible person to make a judgement call.