Name of streets, must been approved?

There’s nothing more, just the name of the street and the picture of the cartel.

In general, street signs are not eligible and should not be approved, but since it doesn’t sound like a trail marker, it’s somewhat unlikely for it to be removed.

Doesn’t sound like it meets criteria, though it’s always best to see the actual nomination

I don’t quite understand what you are referring to, especially when you mention cartels. A cartel to me is an organization that engages in illegal activities, and thus wouldn’t qualify to have Wayspots.

Are you able to provide more information?

Pretty sure what was meant with “cartel” is Spanish for “sign”.

It’s absolutely fine to post in any language by the way :slight_smile:

Did not know that! Sure enough, put it in a translator, and sign is one of the results in English from Spanish.

And yes, I do know that it’s ok to post in any language, not something I need to be told about. However, there is no translation globe on this person’s post, so it shows as being in English to me.

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(I learnt it through Wayfarer lol, I speak zero Spanish)

Anybody needs a Spanish person here? :eyes:

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Nah we’re doing fine