Near a school poi's

I got a question i know you aren’t allowed to nominate a school or something that’s inside the territory of the school
But what about a poi that is on the street but hanging on the building that the government of the town put there and is not property of the school? Could that be good since it’s outside the building and you can touch it etc?

We would have to see the specific case to figure it out. However “near” a school is not a rejection reason. The POI has to be ON school grounds for it to be ineligible.


This includes the fence correct? I believe it was on the other forum before about the fish streams that are common. Or at least in my province. As they are on the school fencing. So yes, technically you can touch it but then you are hovering around the school fence.

Everything on school grounds, walls or fences should be rejected if it’s a K-12. If is near but is not part of the school, there shouldn’t be a problem.