New Onboarding & Review Flow

Hello Explorers,

We’re excited to announce a new and improved Wayfarer Onboarding and Wayspot Review experience tailored to your feedback gathered in this forum, in surveys, at in-person events, our Wayfarer Ambassadors, and other locations over the last few years. Our enhancements are aimed at simplifying the review process, particularly for our new Explorers. Here’s a breakdown of the updates:

  • Transitioning to a straightforward “Yes / No / I Don’t Know” option, moving away from the 5-Star Rating System.
  • Reframing the “Should this be a Wayspot?" question and others to be more direct and intuitive.
  • Eliminating the Quiz, addressing a major hurdle and source of drop-off for new Explorers.
  • Launching a new onboarding experience to guide newcomers through the new review flow.
    • All Explorers will have the opportunity to go through this regardless of you being new to Wayfarer or not.
  • Incorporating new tooltips within the review process to educate, guide, and inform Explorers more effectively.
  • Introducing a Report button for simpler reporting of abuse and cheating.

The guidance in our new onboarding experience and the new tooltips should be deeply familiar to all Explorers, as there are no changes to the Wayspot criteria with these updates.

Even with these changes, reviewing requires your good judgment. There is no single set of rules or person who can tell a community what places are important where others are not. That’s why there will always be some ‘gray area’ in our collective goal to map the most interesting local places.

Thank you all for your continued support. We’re excited to hear your thoughts and feedback. Where possible, please post in the most appropriate thread as this will help the Wayfarer Team respond to and address these matters. All feedback is welcome and useful, but please keep it factual and respectful.

(originally posted October 2023)

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