Wayfarer Rating Feedback

Is there a way to see why our wayfarer rating changes? The rating isn’t very helpful if we don’t know specifically what we’ve done well or badly to deserve it.

I’ve reviewed over 10,000 wayspots and edits, and I’ve always been in “great” but suddenly I dropped down to “fair”. I suspect it is due to the fact that my feed is flooding with title edits to all the LDS churches in my area (it is around 25% of my feed) and all of the edits are identical. As such, I don’t spend much time on those edits. I don’t need to think about them for long.

Could it be due to me reviewing “too fast”? Am I expected to stop and waste time during these title edits? I’d rather move onto an actual wayspot nomination if possible.

Anyway, I’d like to get feedback, so if I’m doing something wrong, I can actually correct it, or if I’m not doing something wrong, I’d like to know why my rating has changed suddenly for the first time in years.




It would be much more helpful to have stats that enabled reflection of what you are doing well and where you might be going wrong. So some improvements would be good.
The rating is a like looking into a tea cup to see if there is any meaning in the leaves. :rofl:
I try to keep an eye on how the upgrade wheel is progressing relative to number of reviews done. If it r/s increasing at a reasonable pace then I take breaks hoping it will catch up.
And the minimum time you are expected to engage with a review is the same whether it’s a simple captilisation of a title or a difficult judgement call on a nomination. If you don’t, cool down :cold_face:


Absolutely, more data and feeback to help us know what we are doing right or wrong would be so helpful. We have the same issues and questions coming up all the time that would be greatly lessened if things were clearer and better communicated. How are we suppsed to improve or change behaviours if we have no idea what’s good or not.


I will say slowing down and taking my time reviewing helped me go from good when I started to great, which is where I’ve been at for quite awhile.

However, I do still feel that more date needs to be provided, as just knowing how many total reviews you’ve done and your agreements with others doesn’t tell much about how one is doing when reviewing. I don’t know if it’ll happen though.

For example, what if an eligible nomination is rejected for inaccurate location, but the reviewer didn’t even take the time to check Street View, and it’s visible on there? What if titles are being rejected for not being capitalized, when that’s not a requirement? What if someone is rejecting nominations at a city run park that just happens to be next to a K-12 school, but not on school grounds?

Again, I could see Niantic not wanting to do something like this, i.e. release more date, but for those with poor and fair ratings, even something like an email reminding those about how to review or having them take a look at the criteria section before doing more reviews might be helpful. We all need a refresher from time to time, even if we have a great rating.

25 % being the LDS edits is wild. Are you accepting them ?

Ooh, more educational ban warnings :wink:

Seriously though, I do think more information would be helpful.

I’d like to know agreements and disagreements by category for example - I’m convinced a lot of my disagreements come from trail markers because I tend to vote positively for those but when I submit them, they’re rejected around 50% or more of the time, so I can’t be voting the same way. However, its something I feel quite strongly about that the other reviewers are incorrectly rejecting them a lot of the time, so I’m happy to take the hit as it were.

I’d also love to see how many of the disagreements I’m getting are narrow decisions vs being very against the common decision ie showing maybe I’m doing something very wrong.

The option to see results of what I reviewed would be awesome as a learning experience too. Ie seeing an overview of the nomination, my decision, and the overall decision.


I said nothing about mentioning a possible ban in the reminder emails. Besides, that would be discouraging, and the emails I’m suggesting would be not only educational but encouraging as well.

I have given some thought to the presentation of the Wayfarer rating. This ist currently done in four separate boxes. It would be more comfortable for me, If it were a scale. Like a thermometer display you could see how far you are and in wich direction you are moving. This could also bei supported by color or a light/dark effect. Just my thoughts.

I was joking because their current educational email warns that you may get banned. And yes it’s very discouraging.

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I live in Utah, so there are tons of churches. And for some reason, there is currently a mass title and description edit epidemic going on. They are all exactly identical, and they are editing them to the proper church title, and an acceptable description, so usually I accept them, since they are better than the current titles like “church” or whatever. Occasionally I reject them if the original title seems better.


Ah, yes, that church…

I associate wayfarer ratings with common sense. That’s literally all reviewing takes, is common sense.

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It’s not, though. People accept bad things and reject good things. You have to agree with people to get agreements in order to have a good rating. It can fluctuate greatly based on voting trends and location.

Plus, as I said, I’ve been “great” for years. And this is the first time I’ve ever dipped to good, let alone fair. I haven’t suddenly drastically changed my voting habits.

I simply want to see feedback on what causes rating drops and increases from within wayfarer. It’s very odd to suddenly drop two levels and have no idea why.


If our rating only reflected our percentage of agreements with the player community, it probably would not change rapidly. There seem to be large gray areas built into the guidance, and it would be unlikely for yours to always be the disparate vote.

However, Niantic seems to favor ‘stirring the pot’ from time to time, advocating changes in judgement that are not reflected by their central written criteria or tool-tips.

They may have trapped you with a honey-pot (a single entry slipped into your review stream where they had pre-decided the ‘correct’ answer.) These can have a large impact on your rating.

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I’m always so worried I’m going to miss something I should have spotted and fail one of those

Can you fix your review score if you already did the reset quiz? I didn’t realise, but it seems if you dont SUBMIT and STOP REVIEWING, you get moved lower down too? I’m in a POOR rating, although I believe I review fairly and always check Google maps, move pins to correct location, etc.

submitting has NO impact on your rating. if you completely stop reviewing, you may move either way, depending on whether the decisions completing while you are stopped are agreements or not.

what seems to help - if you are confident you are reviewing correctly - is to slow way down, and only review nominations with a clear answer, letting the others time out if you have run out of skips. that is harder to do now with the ML (ai) grabbing the easy ones. be sure to read all the tool tips for each section and really investigate anything that isn’t obvious.

i had a drop for no reason last summer from great to good, and going slow and only reviewing the ones that were clear got me back to great - i think it took about a week. that was under the old review system, but same kind of advice.

if you are working towards the game badges, you won’t want to do much reviewing while you are in fair or poor, because those won’t count towards it. but your agreements will still count towards upgrades in that status.

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