No tick +1 to the OPR Live badge in Ingress

  • I had 1 OPR Live from the previous event,
  • reviewed >510 in the current challenge,
  • got a pop-up notification that I have received the bronze OPR Live badge again
  • in the scanner I still have 1 OPR Live (0 in monthly stats)

To Wayfarer and to Ingress I log in with the same account.


I’ve encountered the same issue. Despite reviewing 500 reviews, I just received 12 points for Upgrades.

But my OPR Live badge did not +1 in the latest event. But I’ve taken a screenshot as proof of the milestone I reached. It’s quite frustrating to miss out on the recognition for such an achievement.

Eventually, I got the tick after the delay. Hope you can get the tick.


Lo mismo aquí. Revisé más de 500 propuesta pero el +1 en la medalla OPR Live aun no ha llegado a mi cuenta de Ingress.

Reviewed over 500 nominations during the challenge and did not get a tick for the badge.

I have the same problem:
Reviewed over 500 nominations during the challenge and did not get a tick for the badge.

Same here

hmm…should we be reporting if we did get the tick? i did.

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There are still several days left before the window ends for distribution of awards.

But I do have a question… I did over 600 reviews and received ~ 5 upgrades during the event. So I am curious if the requirement is the number of reviews or the number of agreements?

I did get my tick.

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That just says top individual tier, but I am sure I got more than 500 agreements as well. Interesting theory.

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I read that too. But I was nervous that it might be triggered on agreements so I did extra.

I didn’t participate in the first wayfarer event, but heard there was a quality issue since their verbiage was based on Reviews and not Agreements.

I know (think) they have changed that for the most part. But since it’s a Wayfarer event but Ingress award there may be a disconnect in understanding.

Still waiting for reward email and tick in the OPR Live badge in Ingress. Seeing a lot people getting their’s, so a bit worried i have been missed.

I got a pop-up that I had received a bronze OPR Live medal, which I already had from a previous event. Well, since I only care about this medal and not the codes, this was the last challenge I participated in.

I have moved a couple of posts from another thread into this topic. It is being checked.


Didn’t got m’y tick for OPR Live. I had about 550 reviews on challenge.

For those that haven’t seen an OPR tick yet, what level are you in Ingress? Do you also play Pokémon Go?

I’m wondering if the ones without the Ingress tick haven’t hit the Wayfarer eligibility level yet.

Rereading the thread and this seems unlikely for the original poster, but maybe for the others.


It’s the same for me. I took part in a Wayfare Challenge for the first time, made about 800 to 900 ratings but didn’t get a badge.

@LetsRollGirl is genius! Everyone who posted here that they did not get the tick should confirm they are eligible for rewards in Ingress.


Im level 15 in ingress.


For science: I’m level 10 in Ingress, did just under 1000 reviews and I have received my tick on my badge.

Lvl9 in Ingress with gold Recon badge at the moment of challenge. Lvl 10 now.
Got my first Recon when was lvl 2 in Ingress and lvl 40 in PokemonGo.