Nomination Acc but hasn't showed up

hello i got this 2 nomination that got accepted but hasn’t showed up in the game like Ingress

Nomination 1:Tower of Al Ihsan Mosque
Supplemental Information
tower masjid al ihsan
Nomination 2:Masjid Al - Istiqamah
Supplemental Information


I found the Tower of Al Ihsan Mosque on the Lightship map, and unfortunately, it’s too close to other portals in Ingress and it occupies the same cell as an existing POI in Pokémon GO so it won’t appear in either game. The same is unfortunately true for your other submission as well.

Both are on the Lightship map, but due to Ingress and Pokémon GO Inclusion rules neither will appear on the gameboards of those games.

You can read more about that here:

so i gotta change the location in order of it getting into the game?

The locations of the pins appear to be correct where they are, any attempt to move them to get them to appear in Ingress or Pokémon GO would be considered abuse and I would not recommend it.

Unfortunately, these nominations are destined to remain as Lightship only for now. They may be used in future projects, or if the inclusion rules change at any point.

ah so is there any solution for it or nothing that i can do?

If the wayspots blocking these ones from syncing meet removal criteria, you could get them removed and then yours will show up, but given that the current placement is accurate, that’d be the only remaining possibility.

so i guess no solution , oh well. Thanks for the help!