Nomination Bugged

Bug Reports should include the following and any additional information you feel is necessary to aid in the investigation of the bug.

  • Description of the issue,

Nomination stuck in voting with an upgrade, nothing has happened it’s been stuck in voting for weeks.

  • Date first (or most recently) experienced

Pokestop was submitted on 4/27/24 and upgraded the same day.

  • Device type, model, and operating system
    iPhone 12, IOS 17.2
  • Game & Game Version (if applicable)


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Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Your nomination appears to be marked with Upgrade Next which means that once you’ve earned an upgrade it should automatically apply the upgrade and the tag will update to Upgraded.

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But also, a word of advice… flagpoles like this don’tmeet any criteria. This most likely won’t pass. I wouldn’t waste an upgrade on it.