Pokestop Still in voting for a month after using upgrade

A month ago I made some pokestops because I live in a rural area with only one or two pokestops. Some got accepted in just like 2 days (I didn’t use an upgrade). But I have a problem with one of the pokestops that I applied for. I used an upgrade and I think an upgrade should make it easier to get noticed by reviewers but it’s been a month and it’s still in voting. Is this normal even after using an upgrade? Please share your thoughts thank you.

Edit - it was my mistake thanks for helping me figure it out!

No, that doesn’t sound normal. Even if the quickly accepted nominations were Niantic reviews and not natural turnarounds, a month is a very long time for an upgraded nomination to take.


You may want to report it in one of these posts, as it seems to be an issue with upgrades:

Niantic hasn’t confirmed that this is a known issue, but there were a good number of reports on the old forums last month, and there are still users reporting the issue as well.

I see…I hope they’ll solve the problem and review it :')

Can you provide the details of the wayspot here please.


Yess that not normal. Think Niantic is just careful for rual areas. Which is unfair. Because to get rual area to play more is by accepted reasonable PokeStop.

Hope the community may help you :smile_cat:

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It’s a new church built in my town. I’ve added the location in Google maps too. It’s close to a park that’s already a pokestop but I’ve checked that it’s not in the same level 17 s2 cell so it shouldn’t be a problem. The area around it is pretty safe and accessible too.

Hello! I see that in your wayspot it appears the “Upgrade Next”. That means no upgrades were applied to your nomination. Please check you have enough upgrades availables ^^


Ohh I see :0 I thought I got a free upgrade the first time I opened the Wayfarer thingy and I guess I mistook it for a “free” upgrade :sob: Well after doing that it said “upgrade next” in my nomination so I thought an upgrade was applied. Sorry because it’s my first time making pokestops and I joined the Wayfarer thingy just like a month ago. Well that’s my mistake thanks for helping :smiley:

It’s okay! All of us were new in Wayfarer in some moment. If you want to get upgrades you will need to review other people nominations. Make sure to read the criteria and if you need help you can always ask in Review Support :grin:


That’s ok……it’s a common misunderstanding.

Same thing happened to me, except it has been on upgrade since August haha. Guess I’m just unlucky

check and see if you have made the same mistake in with “upgrade next”

does your nomination actually say “upgraded”?