Upgrades not working?

Is there an issue with upgrades at the minute? I have 2 nominations “in queue” from February 14th. They never moved to voting, but I have quite literally had dozens that I have nominated since then move into queue and get a decision made. So a month or so ago I decided to try an upgrade on one of them to see if it would force it into the queue. Sadly, it is still sitting there at “in queue” with the nice reminder I wasted an upgrade next to it.

A few days ago I got another upgrade. I decided to use it on one of my newer nominations. It’s still sitting in queue, even though 2 nominations I made AFTER upgrading have now been approved and put into game, and several other, newer nominations have moved to voting.

So is the upgrade no longer actually pushing it to the front of your own queue? If not, what’s the point of using it?

If it’s relevant, I do everything through an iPhone. I have an iPhone 15, although I can’t remember if I was still using my old iPhone 12 when I made the first 2 noms in February that are stuck. I am on iIS 17.4.1

I don’t think the game is relevant as it’s a wayfarer issue, but just in case it it Pokémon Go, version 0.309.1-A-64

I think that is everything it said to include!
(Apologies if the text appears twice - it all disappeared after I clicked to add the screenshot).


Some nominations can get stuck in the que due to there being too many unresolved nominations close by. So even if it gets priority, there are other mechanisms that will hold it in the que. My advice is to only upgrade anything if it is already in voting.

i have also been having issues with upgrades jus sitting in queue. Upgrades are powerless to the onslaught of nominations in the area…

I’m pretty much the only person in my town who nominates anything - and I’ve done newer nominations that are nearby that have now been through, approved and in game!

I have just tried to upgrade a nomination already in voting. Now getting E2 error. I’m pretty sure I upgraded a nomination in voting last time I got an upgrade. Also taking way too long to earn said upgrade.


I re-nominated the two POI’s, one on Friday evening and one yesterday. Both have already been accepted into the system by Emily, so I have withdrawn the original nominations. So definitely wasn’t an issue with other nominations in the same cells - they were just stuck!

Annoying to have 2 nominations wasted, and 1 upgrade wasted, but what can you do - at least they are now going into the system.