Nomination Declined for Generic Business

Why did one get accepted and it didn’t get declined for generic business and the other one did?

To be fair, they’re both chain businesses, so unless there’s literally nowhere else to socialise in the area, they probably both should’ve been rejected for Generic Business, especially with how little effort you seem to have put in for the one that was accepted.

Restaurants can be eligible, but typically big chains are generic businesses. Local independent places are generally better when it comes to submitting things.


Just out of curiosity, did the emails say these were “our team” or “community” decisions. Unless you had fantastic supporting evidence that these are significant to the local community, I also feel they should normally be rejected. However, I did get a Blaze Pizza accepted for the service that particular location performs in the community.


FWIW, I personally consider a place like Blaze to be innately a location to socialize but I’d put Panera more as a slightly better than fast food and you could socialize there (I’ve had social gatherings hosted at one) but it’s not really the intended place.

I do agree with this.