Nomination problem

Hi guys i have a problem in my area there is very afew pokistops and the nominations that i do there is no one to review it even i have no nominations to review is there any solution?

Hi, roughly where are you based? And what does your showcase tab show? And did you manage to review anything at all?

Hi i am from iraq and i only have done 82 reviews and the reviews are over but when the challenge that happened the past days i manged to review 420 nominations but all of them from another countrys but once the challenge is over icant review anyone because there is no nominations in my country and in iraq there is no one to review my nominations

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Hi! If you need to review more I would recommend you to put your bonus location in a country with thousands of nominations to review. To change your bonus location you have to go to Settings in the Wayfarer website and there you will be able to change it.

If i do that is the country that i will put in will review my nominations

No, only the people from your country or the people that have their home or bonus location in your country will review your nominations. My suggestion was if you needed to review

Aha thank you very much