Unreviewed nominations

A year ago I made 5 nominations through the Wayfarer App but they seem to have stuck there. It’s a shame as they are (in my opinion anyway) good nominations and would add a lot to the local Wayspot network. Three of them are from a sculpture park, one is a mural and one is a wall decoration.

They look like the have been added to the database but will not appear in game due to them being submitted via the app.


We were asked not to use the app to submit nominations, and most of the time nominations there will not carry over to show in Niantic’s games. And now if they are indeed Wayspots as @26thDoctor confirmed, they will be will be marked as duplicates if you try to submit them again through PoGo or Ingress.


Here is one I did through the app when it was released.

It says that it’s in review but it’s on the map and doesn’t show in game.

With it not being in game I completely forgot I had submitted it through the app, resubmitted when I was there the other day and only just realised I had done this because of your thread.

Is it possible that if this is marked as a duplicate that it may then trigger something to appear in games? Will be interesting to see what happens with it.

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I’m pretty sure it just stays in limbo :confused:

Is there someway to reach out to Niantic to humbly ask them to move the nominations made in the app into the ordinary Wayfarer votering system? A form, forum, a mail address?

Not that I know of.

Maybe an Ambassador may have more insight?

Not sure that they would do that. They asked us not to use it. They make you get a separate developer account to even access it. And Niantic employees reportedly use it for testing purposes. Not sure if they even can go through and figure out which are non Niantic developer nominations worthy of being pushed somehow to Niantic game consideration, since they seem to be already in Lightship database. So they are purposely flagged not to go in to the games.

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To be fair and maybe the memory cheats but I can’t recall the app saying don’t use this after installation?

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It may depend on when you got it. But when I got curious about it, it clearly had the need for a separate Developer Account. They made a pretty clear statement to me since I have all my Niantic games and Wayfarer attached to my same Google account. This stood out as being separate.

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I think a developer account was still needed when it was first released.

It’s a bit short sighted to release an app to the play store named Wayfarer then let users submit Wayfarer things and then say can some of you not do Wayfarer things on that app we named Wayfarer.


I completely agree with you on that!

It’s probably at 19,415,162nd ™ on the to do list.


I have 3 stuck in limbo. They just get marked as duplicate so they are lost .
They are on my list of things to raise


Yeah, everything I’ve seen for the Wayfarer app points to it being mainly for those with developer access from Niantic. I think they want to encourage game/app developers to use the Lightship map and AR scanning to build their own maps, so it makes some sense that nominations submitted via the Wayfarer app by non-developers kind of get stuck in limbo.

Not all do.

In the first week of release lots of people were getting Wayspot accepts within minutes.

there was a period of less than 48 hours where they were being reviewed quickly, after that they all languished.

I can confirm that any approved which haven’t appeared in game(s) cannot be shaken loose by submitting a duplicate.

as for the one you shared above that says it’s still in voting, my guess is that it is in the “provisional” state like any other nomination made in that app but not decided.

Mine kept going through and being accepted from the 4th Nov to around about the 10th.

Are these submissions although reviewed by us, or who decided them?