Nomination rejected for wrong reasons!

So I’m finding this to sadly be a regular occurrence of having nominations rejected for illegitimate reasons. My most recent rejection is this

Woodlands Recreation Park and Playing Fields. The clue is in the name straight from the start. And if you see clearly on the second image of the map it even states “The Park” and you can see a rather large green area. The reason it was rejected by the person/people reviewing my nomination was down to it being a “Generic Business”! I’m honestly confused as to how a Park/Recreational area which has had historical significance in the past is a “Generic Business”.

This Park also has no Pokestops/Gyms or anything currently linked to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it’s starting to get frustrating having genuine nominations rejected for reasons that aren’t correct because of lazy reviewers

Sign-less parks are difficult nominations. Make sure to correct the spelling in the description.

The view that most clearly says “park entrance” to me would probably be one of the sides of this path:


See, i told you. Looks like there’s a bot review has make wrong reason in Generic Business, we need for investigate to busted out bot/bad reviewer. You can use appeal if you want.

An appeals been lodged, hopefully it’ll get corrected. But sadly I’ve still had perfectly reasonable nominations rejected on appeal also

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Hi there, thanks for the information and input. I’ve just noticed the typo in the description so I’ll get that edited!

Sadly though for everything that’s been said, and the advice it still doesn’t explain why it’s been rejected due to it being a “Generic Business”. I also get that signless parks/recreational fields are difficult nominations to review, but the dead give away on the map is the fact it’s labelled “The Park”.

Obviously after reviewing nominations myself I’m aware that you can also move/suggest a location for the correct spot for the nomination. Maybe it’s just me and my thinking but from where the picture was taken to the destination you potentially suggest is about 25/30ft away, and surely shouldn’t really be much of an issue. Only slight difference is you get more of a boring concrete path than the natural beauty of the park.

Again potentially I think this is a prime example of just poor and lazy reviewing! People have sadly found ways of scamming the system to boost their numbers so they can get upgrades quicker without actually reviewing nominations correctly. This is one of the biggest reasons I’ve stopped wasting my time adding new nominations as you put all the time and effort into getting everything collated together and for it to rejected for what is a BS reason.

It’s possible that the reviewers selected generic business when they meant to select indistinct under the distinct/permanent section. The two options are in different sections of the review page, so it could be that the reviewers were looking for one, didn’t find it where they expected to find it, and so chose generic business because they didn’t realize the indistinct option is located lower on the page. I personally think it would be beneficial for reviewers to separate the distinct and permanent categories, or at least let reviewers indicate which one they’re choosing when using that to decline a nomination. Combining generic business with indistinct would be better, I think. At least they’d be next to each other and easier for reviewers to find.

I don’t agree that it’s indistinct or generic, for what it’s worth, I’m just trying to think of a plausible reason why that might be the rejection reason given. Your park is valid, parks without signs are explicitly said to be valid Wayspots if the reviewers can reasonably figure out it’s a park. Your reviewers got this one wrong. Hopefully an appeal or resubmission will get it through for you. I agree with the advice too that a photo showing the walking path might help, if you choose to update the photo. Either way, I’m hoping this gets sorted for you because the park looks lovely.


Was this a “community” decision or an “our team” one from the email? They have stated here before that “generic business” is not reflecting what they actually meant on “our team” reviews. But they didn’t say what it does mean.

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Hi there, it was a community decision! Would be interesting to get @NianticAaron view on this as stated above from others it meet the criteria as a nomination

It saying “the park” on the map wouldn’t help as anyone can name something on google maps. Me personally i wouldn’t accept it as its just a field, it doesnt even have a bench so its most likely being left alone like that so the council can say that there meeting the greenspace requirements (something about the % of greenspaces in there boundaries). Doncaster council say that these are the same thing so are you going to submit those aswell?53.566361,-1.203399

529 is ‘The Park’ and all of the other light blue things are the same thing according to Doncaster council. But they are just small pieces of grass with a path through them so they can boost the percentageof greenspaces. I dont want this to seem like im being mean but your probably not going to get it accepted

I guess this is where perception and interpretation come into the whole reviewing. Although classed as a green space the area “The Park” is used regularly as a recreational area for a variety of things.

And yes you’re right anyone can changes name on google etc, but that’s going to extreme lengths! And to you it maybe is just a field with a path through it, but isn’t that just the majority of parks?. As for the other locations mentioned, those are tiny plots of land which are very little and have no significance, so the answer to your question is simply No! And add to this I’m not even from the Doncaster area I’m Cardiff based, but I still have the same issues with reviews being rejected for B/S reasons too!

As you say you “didn’t mean to come off mean” with what you said and it’s just your opinion, everyone has one, and it doesn’t mean you’re right! Just funny out of the people that have commented about it you’re the only one to find fault!


Where im from in the uk these big fields would always have football posts, benches, play areas and the ones that dont are about half the size of this one and you usually see kids playing football by using there bags as goal posts and dog walkers going around the edge of it to make it a long walk. Would i nominate these? No because there usually just shortcuts to a different housing area.

i had one declined by bot or normal people states on their page of accepted nominations they accept gaming/comic stores so i did my local one that sells pokemon and advertises pokemon go along with tournaments and now i have to wait for it to be reviewed after the rejection


Ah! Here you are! I wanted to let you know that if this place is hosting official Play! Pokemon tournaments, then there is a process to get a sponsored stop or gym at the location. I don’t know the process, but I can try to figure it out. The person running the league there should know about it and have access to request the POI. Try that route if you can’t get this approved through Wayfarer.

But if you could get it approved in Wayfarer, then it would be available to any game that wants to use it. So that is the best route. Please feel free to show us a copy of your nomination in a new topic and we can help you figure out why it was rejected. There are some nuances to all this. I suspect you used the word Pokemon in your nomination - that’s not completely illegal, but it’s tricky on how to do it best.

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@seaprincesshnb hi there, the nomination is at the top of the feed. All information provided and if added information is needed this can be included. Sadly I don’t believe there is a Pokémon league or representative for the area and I don’t physically live there only visit.

As you’ll also see in my nomination the term/word “Pokemon” was never used! Hope this helps

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was looking for the person who commented just above me. Carry on!

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I thought your response was rather strange!

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Well, I am fighting a headache today. LOL … or not because it makes my head hurt.