Nomination rejected

Why was the following Wayspot rejected?

Title: Vogelkunst valkhoek

Niantic note:
Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! The object in question does not meet our Wayspot criteria as it is a mass-produced tile art. We recommend you review the Wayspot rejection criteria before submitting any more Wayspot contributions: Rejection Criteria — Wayfarer Help Center

Rejection Criteria:
Generic Business

Om de buurt wat op te vrolijken

it’s not mass-produced, it’s painted on a tile which has been here for over 9 months now, so the paint is great. It’s specifically a Falcon for the “valkhoek” (Falcon corner) where it’s placed.


I’d say someone thought it was temporary, but i don’t see how it’s mass produced…

To be fair, people were abusing the system at a time, with boatloads of (likely) temporary tile art such as the one submitted.

With that said, as usual, I’m guessing the reviewers for the submission/appeal didnt read your supporting info, assuming you provided it.

Oh yes initially looks like chalk in the supporting photo, but you can see the paint in the main one. Any chance you know who it was done by or an article etc? I am sure you can appeal it. I often have to appeal my wayspots when reviewed by community.

I have a Question on the email it says my wayspot was rejected but did not receive a reason why. is there somewhere i can see whyy it was rejecrted

On your contribution management page you should be able to click on the nomination and read the rejection reasons.

If you aren’t sure where to find that page, here’s where to find it:

I already appealed it and it was denied as per the reason stated in my post (mass-produced tile art).

Should I just try submitting it again and provide the information that it’s not mass-produced, it’s painted and has been here for over 9 months?

Last time I did provide the last part, but I didn’t provide that it was not mass-produced as I didn’t feel there was a reason to include that as I already provided it was painted.

Yes i would submit again. I would think mass produced tile art would look more like an in-laid mosaic than paint. I would also change your description.
Falcon Corner Art… or just Falcon Corner…
Hand-painted sidewalk art of a painted falcon (and then describe where it is).
Looks like a residential community. Are there others in the area? This definitely looks hand-painted. I can see the bumps in the concrete. You mentioned Falcon Corner, is that the neighborhood? Say something about that.

Supporting photo state it isn’t mass-produced and that it represents Falcon Corner etc.

Do you have any kind of clearance or project information showing that this tile should be here?

There’s been A LOT of abuse with these kind of tiles in NL. No one is allowed to take out or alter pavement tiles permanently without any kind of clearance from a government agency. So what exactly makes this a legit portal?

I don’t have any information about the project as I wasn’t involved in it being put there (and I doubt there’s news about placing a single art tile to be found), but it’s been here for over 9 months so I’d guess it would have been removed if it wasn’t allowed.

Would be weird though if you had to show clearance for placing art before it were to be accepted as wayspot. However I also get where you’re coming from if there has been some kind of abuse happening.

The area is called Valkhoek (Falcon Corner), all areas in this neighborhood are called something with birds and corner. And as far as I know this is the only tile, there are other bird arts like painted walls in other nearby areas.